Friday Feels! “Crying” – Roy Orbison

A few folks asked me to take a swing at “Crying” by Roy Orbison so I gave it a go. It’s a tough one. Such a sad tune and I’m a sucker for a tear jerker. What should I do next. Keep weepin’! P
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6 Responses to Friday Feels! “Crying” – Roy Orbison

  1. James B

    That was ridiculously good! What an amazing bundle of talent you are. I looked for your “Crying” on Amazon and iTunes but did not find it. I hope you release it soon!

  2. Mikki Sullivan

    I love me some Puddles…Yes it is a sad dark world for a 7 ft Clown that does not speak…but sings with the voice of an Angel.

  3. EvelKitty

    Beautifully done. Like a song bird flew into my dreary prison. Causing me to momentarily believe in the Beauty of it all once again.

  4. JayEmme

    absolutely beautiful, dahlin’!

  5. JayEmme

    I’m a sucker for a Baritone. (I’m one myself, according to the Sweet Adelines.) This is one of my favorite versions — you and Don Mclean.

  6. Malachi

    Have you considerd Wicked Game? You’re amazing.

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