Space Oddity – David Bowie cover

Andrew, Rich, Tim and I thought about this one long and hard and decided to keep it close to David Bowie’s arrangement. I did my best. I hope ya like it. You can get this single HERE!


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5 Responses to Space Oddity – David Bowie cover

  1. Julie

    Definitely a slice of heaven!

  2. Diane

    Awesome! Love your “Rock and Roll With Me” and “Under Pressure”. How about the Bowie tune that should have been a Bond theme “Lady Grinning Soul” please.

  3. Great version Puddles! Again, i had a blast seeing you in Pasadena! You were BRILLIANT!

  4. Gives me tingles.
    Not enough Bowie covers have a cup of coffee in them!

  5. Zag Dorison

    Wonderful! The best singers are actors. Please try Cyndi Lauper’s “I’m Gonna Be Strong.”

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