Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley cover

I’m a sucker for an Elvis Presley tune. This one is a heartbreaker. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ll keep making them.


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8 Responses to Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley cover

  1. John

    Please … Pink Floyd … Wish you were here … Beautiful voice, beautiful arrangements, tour the UK!

  2. Trevor

    Song Request: “MST3K Love Theme”. If possible, the current 11th season (aka Netflix season, aka The Return)

  3. Kathryn Conrad

    Just wonderful. Really captures the heartbreak n the words. Now —- puhlease sing the theme song from Cheers! Pretty please Puddles….

  4. WTHyde

    Loved it. Thanks!

  5. Kevin Peterson

    Emo downer style is the wrong description. Beautifully sad is a better one. Thank you for everything you do, Puddles. You are a bright and shining star in an otherwise gloomy pit of darkness. Your lantern leads us all to a better place. Namaste.
    P.S. Maybe you could do Landslide by Stevie Nicks. I think it fits your style very much. Thanks again.

  6. I cried. This is the most pathetically beautiful rendition of this song ever.

  7. Esteban

    DescubrΓ­ este genio por casualidad y no ha de irse nunca mas de mi vida.

  8. Kitty Pickles

    It’s so weird that an upbeat song can have such sorrowful lyrics. It’s like the music silences the true meaning of the words being sung. Thanks for discovering these special songs and reinterpreting them for the rest of us. Keep up the good work!

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