Wish You Were Here -Pink Floyd (in a coffee shop)

It’s time for “Coffee Shop Covers”. I take one of your requests from social media and learn it right there and then. Play it and make a video. Hopped up on coffee. What could go wrong? Please subscribe.





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8 Responses to Wish You Were Here -Pink Floyd (in a coffee shop)

  1. Julie and Peter Ives

    We are visiting from Australia next year and were wondering where you may be around 19 to 22 April and 4 to 6 May 2018. We would LOVE to see you. Hooked!

    • Puddles

      Hello, Julie and Peter! More than likely, I will be around. Although, I’m not sure where that will be. I’ll try to keep you posted. Please check my “Dates” page when you’re getting near. Safe travels.

  2. Richard Ward

    I love the world weary approach to this song. Pop Music for grown ups.


    Puddles I am 76 and I adore you and your voice and your understanding of life and people. THANKS FOR YOUR SHARING!

  4. Brian

    When my dad was diagnosed with cancer that was the next song I heard on the radio – it’s been almost 20 years since then, he sadly is no longer here, and today has only been the second time since that first time that i have been able to listen to it all the way through. Thank you for your beautiful version.

  5. Vickie Howell

    Hi Puddles,

    Can’t wait to see you on AGT again!!!

    Say High to Big Mike for me.

    Love you bunches!

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