Life On Mars – David Bowie cover

The P³ Request Hotline was ringing off the hook for David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars’ so we took a swing at this classic. My pals Rich, Andrew, Tim, Big Mike and Shannon really brought the goods on this one. Please subscribe and comment.


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7 Responses to Life On Mars – David Bowie cover

  1. Grahm Eberhardt

    My whole family just adores you. We’d love to hear your take on anything from Hamilton!

  2. Ricardo Romero

    He´s just great

  3. Anna Davis

    My favorite so far!! Love your voice. Maybe P3 can switch one day for a holiday and be Puddles Pretty Party or something and sing something beautiful and open up that voice! <3 But for now I am happy with this song!

  4. I love his voice, he can sing anything, I would like him to sing, “Grand Tour” by George Jones, anr “You are my lady” by Freddie Jackson. PLEASE GET HIM TO Michigan, WE HAVE TWO BIG CASINOS. ONE IN BATTLE CREEK AND ONE IN MT PLEASANT “THE SOARING EAGLE”

  5. Melissa

    God I love you!!! Youre an amazing singer!!!

  6. Karen

    Beautiful performance. There are a lot of wonderful acts you’re competing with on AGT. But I hope you at least make it to the finals! I’ve never liked clowns, but I agree with Simon… I love the sad clown character that you’ve created. You came up as the #1 search on yahoo this morning. So I know I’m not the only one! BTW, I wonder how you would sound singing a sad Tom Waits song. Some of his songs are sad and have an old timey circus thing going on.

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