King OF The Road – Roger Miller/REM smash hit!

Holy Moly, I had a lot of requests for this one (most of them from the gifted barista Reggie). I like an iced coffee on a hot day. I also like to sing and I like to doodle. Doodlin’ away! Do you doodle?


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  1. My name is Michele King, from Dallas, Texas. I am 59 in years on this earth but maybe about 35 in spirit and action. Ok…..I am going to admit this to you. I am in love . I am in love with a Clown. I never thought I would ever say something like this before in my whole born days. But, nevertheless, it had to be said,,,I am in love with a Clown. Now, here’s the catch. I am in love with Puddles the Clown. He is undoubtedly changed my whole pattern of thinking. Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know. One minute I was feeling free and the whole world was my oyster and then Puddles got up on stage and he shattered my thinking rationally…or maybe it is finally that I am thinking rational. If you are ever in Dallas again, I will be totally hurt if you don’t look me up. I live on 2442 San Paula Ave. Dallas TX 75228-3158. My Phone is 214-327-7755 and 214-438-9811. I could not be more serious. Even though, I mean, the “clown” part and all, I LOVE IT. So yes I am serious.I love you, Puddles, and you can sing to me all the time and I will be your most devoted fan, I will even use a fan to cool you off when you are performing!!! I truthfully believe that you could be the most creative, talented, performer that I have ever seen. There is alot of ‘stage life’ in my family. So, I would know. Anyways, Puddles ~~~ I am completely harmless. I just want you to know that there are people out in this world that think you are the the greatest. And, well, yeah, I think I love you! 🙂 My request is ‘Starry Starry Night” by Don McLean. You really have my permission to call me anytime and I will listen….or not listen…to ALL your travel stories and you can sing to me just any time. You adoring fan, Michele Feja King ~~~ On the wings of Angels, I pray for your safe journeys wherever life leads you.

  2. Octavia Wood

    Dear Puddles, Love your voice. I would love to hear you do ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

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