New Puddles Gifs from GIPHY

OH hello, PĀ³ Fam! I teamed up with GIPHY to create these nutty Gifs to add to your texts and messages. Heck, you can look at them and just think about stuff. Please share with all yer pals. 15 shiny new GIFS of yours truly right HERE!

Puddles Pity Party GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


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8 Responses to New Puddles Gifs from GIPHY

  1. Jennifer Dabney

    I was so happy that I got to hear your music on AGT. I would not likely have been introduced to your persona and music otherwise. I wil indeed be following you from now on.

  2. Tami M Stewart

    I do believe I am addicted to your voice and videos. Will be watching for your tour to bring you my way.

  3. Michaela Keaffaber

    I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH PUDDLES!!! PLEASE CONTINUE ON YOUR WORK AND NEVER EVER STOP!!! I always dreamt of performing on AGT or X Factor, but I’m afraid I might screw it up, but I will still try one day! I hope I do well. I would absolutely love to meet you one day. Also, on your audition where you sang “Chandelier”, by Sia, and the judges started telling you how amazing and extravagant you were, you starting crying real tears and I cried with you. I want to be something BIG one day. Right now, I’m fifteen years old, and I write poetry, songs, and letters to people, and sometimes I write to nature, hopefully that isn’t too strange :). I also sing, and maybe I’ll audition and try to go as far as I can with my voice. Enough about me. Your work is absolutely astonishing. I love your character and the style and way you portray yourself. I think you perform beautifully and you yourself are just an amazing person and I wish the absolute best for you, Puddles. And again, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

  4. Thanks Puddles, Enjoyed you on AGT. I think Simon buzzing you was COMPLETELY uncalled for. It was actually better then your 2nd audition. IMO your 2nd song was the wrong song for you. You did it well..just didn’t work. Your first was just GOLDEN and wish the would have gotten the GOLDEN BUZZER. Good luck and hope you come to the East coast sometime. Best wishes.

  5. Annie

    Puddles, love you on WGN, always. I was happy to see you on AGT. You are still a winner. I look forward to seeing you live! Thank you.

  6. james

    Saw your ticket sales and hope its full at 73 i felt like there was nothing new but you changed that i would like to by your songs because i cant hear the words some of those songs have beautiful stories to tell . I wont get to come see you it cost’s to much but i see you on you tube over and over . You should have won AGT and that Simon and that model dont know what they are doing and why isn’t there an american on the panel i think its fixed . GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SHOWS and may God always bless your voice

  7. Andi

    Can’t wait to see you in Rutland Vt in November!!

  8. Rod Bailey

    Love your work man. You need to come to Texas. I would love to see you in person. Keep up the good work.

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