FIX YOU – Coldplay cover – EMO Robot

I often wonder. Does Robot feel sad? Does Robot get down when they can’t accomplish the thing they were designed to do? Sometimes I feel like an emotional robot, doing my best to act out my code. Is it just me? Are there robots living among us?


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4 Responses to FIX YOU – Coldplay cover – EMO Robot

  1. Vince Wilkinson

    Damn, man, you’re awesome!!! AGT made a serious mistake letting you go this early. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Hope like hell someday I can meet you. Keep strong and keep killin’ it!!!!!!!

  2. Mari

    Love Love Love YOU, Puddles 😀

  3. Bill

    Long time fan, puddles… I’d love to hear your take on Dave Davies “death of a clown”… or maybe something by the doors. Keep singing…i love you!

  4. michiel


    This so reminded me of when i lost my one true love. It was a truly magnificant performance. Hope to see you live in the Netherlands at some point. Until then, hooked on your youtube channel!

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