This is a song composed by my pal Dexter Romweber of Flat Duo Jets. Please go see him perform and buy his music. I wish I could have performed this song on AGT. But they had other plans for me.

Please get this single.

Dexter Romweber

Many thanks to my friends at LEWITT for the LCT 840 microphone. It’s has the goods!


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  1. Harry Shover

    You sir are the most talented person i have ever heard. So glad i got to know your music. Keep it up your the greatest ever.

  2. p-chic

    oh puddles… i dont know how you knew… it’s perfect

    i’m dedicating this beautiful song to my friend & co worker who just died Saturday, at the age of 28 from a heart attack that was brought on by Life Stress, Overwork and Sheer Exhaustion.
    he was a real sweet kid and a hard worker, just trying to finish school and make something of his life. trying to do Everything Right.

    the world becomes a smaller, sadder place every time a Good Heart is broken.

  3. Wow- Just when I think you can’t improve- Thinking you reached your full potential .. and it’s a lot. No — lots more runway yet to go.. Love your work.. Big fan. -Claude

  4. I’m so happy that I found you. Your voice is awesome and amazing. I can’t wait till March 1 to actually see and hear you for my first time live. I haven’t been to a concert in over 35 years. And I got vip just so I can meet you in person. Thank you so much for being you. See ya in Houston soon.

  5. Bryan Courtney

    Puddles, a perfect cover for you would be Voices Carry by Til Tuesday.

  6. Juan Ramos

    Damn bro just damn, would you ever tinker with Possession by Sarah Mclachlan
    or Past the point of rescue by Mick Hanly , your style and these songs EPIC

  7. kjs

    Hey P: Not feeling too well lately so I was listening to Lonely Guy and other favorites of yours. Your singing always helps me feel better. I love ur voice and character. Looking forward to seeing you in Tarrytown in Nov. Take care of urself and thanks for helping me feel better.

  8. Blake

    Who decided which songs you were to sing on America’s Got Talent?

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