What Will Santa Claus Say?

Here’s a jaunty Christmas time ditty by Louis Prima. I’m often sad but sometimes, especially around the holidays, I get ants in my pants. This song is on my Holiday Jubilee CD. You can get that here. If you’re in Atlanta, please come see my Puddles Pity Party & Friends Holiday Jubilee at The Fox Theatre!


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  1. Kyle

    This was jazzy, jumpin’ and great. I remember Louie Prima and Keely Smith. Maybe those ants in ur pants are really Jitterbugs! We danced together at the Music Hall in Tarrytown, NY. It wasn’t a Lindy Hop but it was fun. I’ll keep my Fox Hat on straight next time! Merry Christmas to u and ur family. Cosmic Love, Kyle

  2. I’ll try really hard to get to your Las Vegas Show, God Bless!!

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