My friends and I cover Tom Waits!

Tom Waits wrote this song. I’m usually a little hesitant to cover songs by Tom Waits. His music feels so complete when he performs it. What can I bring to it? But his songs are so irresistible. My friends Kerry Marsh, Billy Pitman, Andrew Quinn and Doo Dah joined me on this one. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. You can get a single here.


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3 Responses to My friends and I cover Tom Waits!

  1. Jeanette E Means

    Dear Puddles, do you have an address that I use to send a gift to you. It is an exclusive ooak doll that i would like to send you. Please reply! Thank you!

  2. Kyle

    Hi P. : That was beautiful. The lyrics, wow. I’m more about the melody and the singer, but you enunciate so well that I find myself understanding the lyrics more when I listen to you. I loved the steel guitar too. That twang….made me think of a k.d.lang song called “Pullin’ Back the Reins”. I believe you can sing anything. Maybe it’s in your wheelhouse. Take a look at the video. Cosmic Love Babes ( c u November)

  3. Linda Beyer

    Lovein it! Love you…See you in AC 11/2
    Jersey Girl

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