Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore – Walker Brothers cover

Here’s a wonderful downer classic from The Walker Brothers. Written by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio and first done by Frankie Valli. I composed and recorded this track in Garageband on an iPad that I borrowed from a pal. The video was shot on an iPhone 4s that has been banging around in my suitcase for the past 2.5 years. I thought I lost it in Australia. All kinds of stuff in there. I use the tools around me to make art. I ❤️ art and I ❤️ y’all!

Many thanks to my friends at LEWITT
for the great DGT 650 USB microphone. It’s a wall of sound!


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Losing My Religion – R.E.M. cover – Gutted version. 😪

This week has been a wild ride. I tried and I stumbled. Sometimes it felt as if I was falling into a deep hole. I saw your hand and I grabbed it and we fell together. Then we were flying. Thank you.


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FIX YOU – Coldplay cover – EMO Robot

I often wonder. Does Robot feel sad? Does Robot get down when they can’t accomplish the thing they were designed to do? Sometimes I feel like an emotional robot, doing my best to act out my code. Is it just me? Are there robots living among us?


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While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Beatles cover (in a coffee shop) – Puddles Pity Party

P³ers sent me a request, and I learn it and record it right there at my favorite coffee joint. No fuss. One take. Please pardon my wonky guitar playin’. This is fun, right?


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New Puddles Gifs from GIPHY

OH hello, P³ Fam! I teamed up with GIPHY to create these nutty Gifs to add to your texts and messages. Heck, you can look at them and just think about stuff. Please share with all yer pals. 15 shiny new GIFS of yours truly right HERE!

Puddles Pity Party GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


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Rainbow Connection with my new pal Toby Huss!

As you may or may not know, I found an awesome secret coffee shop. It is run by the the nicest folks. I’ll go in there and check my emails and Facebook and the Twitters. Some people request songs. I learn ’em real quick and make a videos. Well, my friend Toby Huss happened to come by this day and we sang a song. I call them  Coffee Shop Covers.


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Pinball Wizard/Folsom Prison Blues Schmoosh Up – Switcharoo

You wanted this Switcharoo, you got it! The Who and Elton John and Johnny Cash. 3 great tastes that taste great together. I even threw in a bit of Crescent City Blues as a little lagniappe. That’s the song Folsom Prison Blues was derived from. It was written by Gordon Jenkins and sung by Beverly Mahr before J. Cash picked it up and made it his very own. Can you name the other influences on this?


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You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away – Beatles cover

Here’s a tune from John Lennon’s “Dylan” phase. I like singing at this place. I thought the other folks at my coffee spot were gonna join in on the “HEYS” but they just went about their business. I hope they let me keep doing this. Can you spot Tim?


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ON THE NICKEL – Tom Waits cover

Tom Waits music is near and dear to me and this is one of my favorites. I asked Sweet Dick to join me on tack piano which clearly had been drinking. I like Rich’s duct tape bowler hat and crimson waist coat.


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Hands On The Wheel – Willie Nelson cover

This incredible song was written by Will Callery. Recorded by Willie Nelson for his Red Headed Stranger epic. I love performing and recording in nature. It’s like I’m inside of a painting. Surrounded by swirly, velvety art. I hope ya likey,


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