I’m headed to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. That’s in Scotland!

I’m bringing a new show to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Don’t be at the singin’ coo’s tail!

Get tix: https://www.assemblyfestival.com/event/232/



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11 Responses to I’m headed to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. That’s in Scotland!

  1. Janine

    My prayers have been answered!!

    I cannot wait to witness Puddles, live in Scotland.

    Maybe have a hug…

  2. I wonder if Puddles has any plans to bring his show to London…?

  3. Cassie

    So glad we got to see you while we were in Edinburgh, what a great show! My husband (the other giant) says thanks again for the tarts! Hahaha

  4. How are liking Edinburgh? I took my family there for March break this year, they didn’t want to leave…

  5. Maria

    Plez, plez, plez, pretty plez come to London soon. It would be such a privilege and pleasure to see one of your live performances. Was unable to get up to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival and I’m a girl who has coulrophobia (damn John Wayne Gacy), but will gonna make an exception for you. XO

  6. Anthony

    Please please please please come back to the UK.. My daughters watch your music videos non stop.

  7. Amy Louise Bruton

    I’m the same I so want to meet you. Xx

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