Wish You Were Here -Pink Floyd (in a coffee shop)

It’s time for “Coffee Shop Covers”. I take one of your requests from social media and learn it right there and then. Play it and make a video. Hopped up on coffee. What could go wrong? Please subscribe.





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78 Responses to Wish You Were Here -Pink Floyd (in a coffee shop)

  1. Julie and Peter Ives

    We are visiting from Australia next year and were wondering where you may be around 19 to 22 April and 4 to 6 May 2018. We would LOVE to see you. Hooked!

    • Puddles

      Hello, Julie and Peter! More than likely, I will be around. Although, I’m not sure where that will be. I’ll try to keep you posted. Please check my “Dates” page when you’re getting near. Safe travels.

  2. Richard Ward

    I love the world weary approach to this song. Pop Music for grown ups.

    • Baloo

      Hi Puddles,

      Ever thought of essaying that Gallic perennial “She” by Charles Aznavour?

      Keep up the good work.

  3. Lisa

    This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Puddles. I wondered if you would consider covering Radiohead’s Exit Music (For A Film). I think it would be breathtaking, and it even has a lyric about tears!

  4. Hob

    Song request: “Wonderin” by Neil Young and the Shocking Pinks.

  5. Frank Paty

    Wow Puddles, you’ve just gained a new fan with this rendition! I’ll be watching for tour dates near me. Proud to join the Pity Party, sorry it took so long to get here!


    Puddles I am 76 and I adore you and your voice and your understanding of life and people. THANKS FOR YOUR SHARING!

    • Puddles

      Well thank you, real good!

      • SSG Davila

        Have you considered “sorry seems to be the hardest word” by Sir Elton John.
        “Eyes without a face” by Billy Idol.
        “Slightly mad” by Queen.
        “Secret marriage” by Sir Sting.
        “How high the moon” by Pat Suzuki”.
        “Much too late for goodbyes” by Julian Lennon.

  7. laura

    Coulrophobia = fear of clowns.
    I’ve suffered that affliction since seeing “IT” by Stephen King and anything happy about clowns was destroyed.
    After seeing you on AGT, I can say I have overcome my fear and may actually have a crush on a singing clown. Who ever would have thunk that?
    Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Love! Love! Love!

  8. Barb

    Just love the locations and visual candy in your videos. Oh yeah, and that stupendous voice!! Looking forward to seeing you in Minneapolis next week. Will you be available for autographs or photo ops?

  9. Mitchell

    That is a great rendition of a classic Pink Floyd song. Thanks for putting together these wonderful videos.

  10. Alan Zuckermab

    Puddles, you killed it on America’s Got Talent last night! So proud of you. You really deserve the fame with that amazing voice of yours. Keep up the good work.

  11. Troy Chester

    Puddles your pretty awesome at what you do. For such a sad clown you give off such good vibes when you perform. Never give that frown up my good clown. Love to see you perform live front row

  12. Michelle Hamper

    OMG, I saw you last night on Americas Got Talent. I went on youtube this morning and watched all of your vidios…I’m in love with your act and voice. I’ll see you at your show in Orlando FL July 15

  13. Amazing stuff, as always! Thanks for sharing such tremendous talent to everyone, including your fellow sad clowns.

  14. Sarah

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I think of you Puddles! Your music and voice, as well as your message is as tantamount to perfection as anything I’ve ever heard. Please keep singing as you have helped me in ways I can’t explain. Always love for you and your heart!

  15. Suzette

    This song always makes me think of my late friend Nate, who I miss dearly. I hope you play it when you are in Key West, Puddles. Much love.

  16. Stacie

    You are awesome! Had to find you! Wanted to hear you sung again after AGT! Wow! Hope you get to Washington State! Tulalip, Wa casino! That would be awesome!

  17. David Coleman II

    I’d love to hear your take on It’s Only Make Believe by Conway Twitty

  18. Dale Ferdinand

    Well done good sir…well done. You are goin places….God Speed.

    heres lookin at you kid…

  19. Rodger

    I can’t wait for you to come to Texas. Be sure to bring Big Mike with you. He’ll be even bigger in Texas!

  20. Brian

    When my dad was diagnosed with cancer that was the next song I heard on the radio – it’s been almost 20 years since then, he sadly is no longer here, and today has only been the second time since that first time that i have been able to listen to it all the way through. Thank you for your beautiful version.

  21. Steven

    Puddles… are we going to see this one on AGT soon? You’re awesome, dude. Can’t wait to hear more.

  22. Mike

    We are so sad that we missed you last time you came up to the North East. We are looking forward to you coming back. We will be there this time… No excuses. You are the best, with your singing and your ability to bring levity to your entire show. Letting everyone know it is ok to be you, no excuses.

  23. Elizabeth Glass

    You are beautiful.
    Jaw dropping

  24. Lisa

    Puddles, my Puddles,
    I’m so glad you broke out on AGT. Now the whole world will finally get to see what so many of us have been grooving on for a while now. You are a mad genius. Is there anything you can’t sing? I think not.

  25. David Baron

    We Need you to come to Boston!

  26. Brian Nelson

    Fantastic show here in Seattle last night. My wife of 27 years was skeptical prior to the show, but now you have a new fan! Thank you!

  27. Steve

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I would love to hear you do a cover of ‘Hurt’. Johnny Cash did one which I thought was amazing, but I’ll bet if you put your mind to it you can make something phenomenal.

  28. Heidi Thomas

    Oh My Gosh!!! Just saw you are coming to St. Pete.. My husband showed me some of your videos. What an awesome expression of ones self. Trying to convince him that we need to go your show. Can’t think of a better show to see to celebrate our 22 year anniversary!


    Keep Singing!!

  29. Adam Crain

    Hey Puddles,

    I was delighted to see you on AGT. I have enjoyed your work for some years now.

    I’m in Atlanta, acting in a TV show, until this time next week. It would mean so much to me to hear your golden voice in person and give you a hug.

    Cheer up,

    Adam D. Crain

  30. Bill

    I love your work. I can totally hear you doing “Give my love to Rose” by Johnny Cash. Would love to hear & see you do that. Keep it up. You are truly something fresh in an otherwise currently very boring music scene. I truly love your style. Great voice!

  31. Terry

    Puddles — love the Jim Dandy. I finally got one after years of indecision. Great bright sound and best bang for the buck. Keep up the great work, man.

  32. earl

    i love this song when floyd does it but i like your version better, you seam to mean it when you perform. kepp it up my frien you are awesome

  33. James stinson

    Puddles, I am a brand new fan. I love your work. I think you’d sound amazing doing Jealous Guy, originally by John Lennon. I know if you do it, you’ll make it your own.

  34. Mark Emge

    I’d really like to see/hear you cover The Guess Who’s “These Eyes”. That would be a great one.

  35. Gareth Magee

    Big time fan of you puddles,glad to see your a fan of my local “Tunnock`s Tea Cakes” http://www.tunnock.co.uk/products/teacakes/
    Great to see you doing so well What a performer.

  36. Glenn

    You’ve got an amazing voice makeup or no, good luck I am also hooked and will be rooting for you on America’s got talent! I see “big” things for you! 🙂

  37. michael E malone


    How about Shangri la by the Kinks?

  38. Joseph

    Downtown ! I see the possibilities ( petula clark ).
    I have never subscribed to anything until I saw you. Incredible, mesmerizing talent.
    Truly touching. Thank you. Do you do any shows in Canada?

  39. Tammy

    Every time you sing, I hear something different emotionally that the original artist maybe wanted to include, but for whatever reason was not there. You have an amazing voice and ear! It’s like you are painting with your voice. My husband and I are hooked…and in awe!

  40. Steve

    I couple of my favorite “sad” songs I would love to hear you do:
    “100 Years” by Five For Fighting
    “Tuesday’s Gone” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

  41. Big Fannn

    Who wants to live forever – queen
    Dancing Queen – Abba
    Stranded at the drive in – grease
    Alison – Elvis Costello
    Rose colored glasses – George Jones
    A case of you – Joni Mitchell
    In dreams – Roy Orbison.
    Con un mismo corazon – Ana Gabriel y Vicente Fernandez
    Foolish games – jewel
    Behind blue eyes – the who
    Castles made of sand – Jimi hendrix

  42. Bradley

    Hi Puddles, I just wanted to say fantastic job here. It’s refreshing to see so much passion in music once again, as sadly such a concept is lacking in modern music these days. Forgive a 17 year old guy sounding like a 70 year old, but listening to this reminds me of the care that still can be put in to music. Thank you for your beautiful work.

  43. John Hawkins

    Puddles your the man,when did you meet Dweezil Zappa?

  44. John Hawkins

    Why does it hurt when I Pee would be a great cover

  45. Deb

    Hey, HEY, Puddles!
    Everything I experienced seeing you on AGT pales in words when held up to the full spectrum of feelings your performance elicited. The snag is that no words, even those most eloquent, begin to tap the power of feelings. I will therefore spare my sloppy effort except to say: Over my lifetime -one full enough to have allowed me many priveledges to attend, view, observe, participate in many forms of the arts- every rare so often, I am amazed by how deeply something touches me. I leave those experiences always, with the sense of how deeply fortunate I am to be sharing earth-time with the person who had exactly what it took to manifest something that resonated with me from my head to my toes.
    I was not sure the AGT crowd would feel what I felt through a TV screen, but it seems they did; an indisputable testament to the power of this magical synthesis you have created. And then, while learning about you on your You Tube videos, I stumbled across an interview with Mike. What a charming, warm, kind, smart, delicious friend you have! The two of you make quite the engaging pair!
    How thrilling it is to watch you stitch together so many moving (emotionally & physically; your comfort-caressing of your pom-poms make me smile ear to ear while wiping a tear!) elements into something obviously so accessible and humanizing…

    (See? So inadequate words are! Which makes you, Puddles, and your preference NOT to use them, the smartest guy in any room!!!!!)

    See you Fellers in Vegas. Delighted I’ll one of those there to share it all.
    Be well, BOTH of you Charmers! 😉

  46. Matt

    You are an amazing gifted soul, I can listen to your voice all day. Your have an ability to touch something deep inside us that few musicians can. Keep up your great work, God speed! Peace, Matt

  47. Natalie Nicolaou

    How I wish you were here Puddles! Jersey or NYC Plz. Won’t stop asking until I get to see you live!

  48. Kathryn

    Hi Puddles , I Luv U … I think U would sound great to do “‘Mad World” plus , It’s a song I think U might really relate all of us to..

  49. Wendy abston

    Puddles is the best…. your voice is amazing

  50. Vickie Howell

    Hi Puddles,

    Can’t wait to see you on AGT again!!!

    Say High to Big Mike for me.

    Love you bunches!

  51. Puddles, as a fledgling performer I am continually recharged and inspired by your performances. This is probably my favorite song of all time, and your vocals just add a whole new dimension to it. I’m so happy the world has started to discover your gifts.

  52. James Billington

    Hi Mike/Puddles, really enjoy what you do, nice job on this cover. I found your Hallelujah video last year and posted on my Facebook. I knew you would be the next big thing and kept following. You are the height of originality, just when I had given up on anything new. You portray what we can all identify with, a tinge of sadness in a crazy, unforgiving world, with beautiful emotion wanting to burst out like a cannon. Come to Austin soon, Mr. Mike, I will be there in support, and that says a lot from someone who hasn’t been to a club in years. Cheers!

  53. Leo Horishny

    I’m sorry I haven’t heard you sooner, I really enjoy your talent. After hearing you, Rag ‘n Bone’s song “Human” strikes me as a standard for you to add to your repertoire.

  54. Cindy Marable

    Love this song and love hearing you sing it! Hope someday to be able to see you live! You have a beautiful voice!!!! Thank you ❤️

  55. andrew nelson

    What the world needs now is love sweet love I think you should do Burt Bacharach What the world needs now

  56. Christine Hensley

    This song was on my daughters cell when she died by suicide! She was in the US Army stationed at Ft Hood, TX. You give it a whole new meaning the way you perform it! I have been having my own pity party ever since. In between raising my granddaughter who was 5 when it happened now she’s 15 quite the teenager. Thanks for keeping the performances real! Like my daughter always used to say “peace out”😢🤐🤡

  57. Patrick Currie

    I agree with Andrew, Burt Bacharach music would be a great source for you. Also what about I’m Goin’ Home from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s certainly a pity song.

  58. Warren

    Saw you on AGT for the first time, you are just plain COOL! You nail every song you do! I would like to see you do Sound of Silence.

  59. Reta Taylor

    Puddles, please put together a book of all your fantastic photos! Every single person that LOVES you will buy one! Or two or three of fifteen or a hundred and eleven, you get my drift?!? We WANT Puddles we want PUDDLES WEWaNtPudDLeS!!❗️👩‍💻🍀😱🤡👀

  60. G.Parr

    “I’m Going Home” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and sung by Dr. Frankenfurter (Tim Curry) is a perfect song for Puddles to sing.

    Very much enjoyed Puddles’ performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC two weeks ago. Both shows were sold out.

  61. Have you done Overkill, by Collin Hay?

  62. Darrell Arndt

    Puddles – Mrs and I would live you do – Wing beneath My Wings.

    Cant wait till you stop by to see you.
    Darrell and Robin

  63. Steve B

    Please consider doing a cover of “Long Long Time” as sung by Linda Ronstadt. It is the perfect song for a ‘sad clown’.

    Linda Ronstadt sang a lot of songs about relationships gone bad that would also fit into the pity party theme – “You’re no Good”, “When Will I Be Loved”, “How Do I Make You”, “Hurt So Bad”.


    Steve B


    I think Ricky nelson’s – Lonesome town would be fantastic.

  65. Annette Reynolds

    I have been listening to Pink Floyd since 1973, and have been lucky enough to see them live 4 times. They are one of my all time favourite bands. Last weekend, I went to see their exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum. I left in tears, the memories it brought back was just breathtaking and beautiful. And the next day, I woke up to see your video of Wish You Were Here. You broke it down into it’s simplest form, and sang it with such longing that it broke my heart. I normally don’t listen to cover versions of Floyd, because I’m normally disappointed, but this really hit me deep inside. It’s beautiful. Thank you x

  66. Octavia Wood

    Dear Puddle,
    I do like your act and just love your voice. Could you do a cover of Johnny Cash ‘s version of “I hurt myself today” or even a Nine Inch Nails & Cash mash up?

  67. Donnie Francis

    I have loved your videos and music since I first learned about you. ( when I saw the video of you doing Royals). I had planed to take my wife to see you in down town St. Petersburg Florida were we live, but I ended up in the hospital over that time period, and regrettably we missed your show, which saddened me. ( It was also going to be an Anniversary present for my wife,your show). I hope you plan to come back here. We really want to catch your show. Thanks for all the great music, and videos you do. You make the world just a little better, and these days we need that.

  68. Denamarie

    Oh Puddles, please sing Somebody by Depeche Mode.

    I love you Puddles!

  69. Phil Boyd

    A cover of ‘I think it’s going to rain today’ by Randy Newman would be amazing and would suit you so well.

  70. Leonard Valeo

    This was hauntingly beautiful, Puddles. Thanks. Here is my summer suggestion:

  71. Richard Chopper

    Ever since Pinball Wizard … and now I keep watching out the next song.
    So, when you coming over to the UK . ????

  72. Colleen De Koning

    I find it hard to believe not one person realized you didn’t sing the lyrics correctly. 🙁

    It’s not “a cold, steel rain”, it’s “a cold, steel rail”.

    Sad that nobody, including you, noticed.

    Otherwise, I’m a fan of your other covers.

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