It’s Only Make Believe – Conway Twitty cover – Secret coffee shop style

Goodness! The coffee shop was super busy this time. I sit by the back door, so not a lot of activity there. I guess the word is gettin’ out. That’s good for Reggie’s bottom line, but I hope “The Man” doesn’t give him grief (not sure if he has a business license).
I did this Jack Nance and Conway Twitty tune for my Classic Country P³ers. I had to get it in one take, cuz it was starting to get real busy. I ❤️ country music and I ❤️ y’all.


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  1. Linda Wortham

    Hey Puddles , great job of the songs 😎 ☕️☕️☕️ Time 😊

  2. angry bunny

    It was decent of you to do Conway’s song right. Too many folks poke fun (and some of ain’t nice fun either) at him, but he was a giant of singer, just like you. Thank you Puddles!

  3. Barry B

    Found Puddles last Saturday quite by accident and now I think I’m addicted. What a voice! Thanks for the entertainment.

  4. d!

    Wonderful! Love the effects ❣

  5. Love you! Have a great vegan life =)

  6. Cynthia Boles

    Please plan a tour of Texas!
    Dallas/Ft. Worth would be fine. Or San Antonio. Or Austin.
    I’ll travel.
    Have you considered “From a Jack to a King” or “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground”?

  7. Tony Culverhouse


  8. Rick

    Great again! your songs make me laugh until I cry. if you can perform Superman by the Kinks or A Faded Picture by the Seeds…. opposite in emotion but two favorites ….u you may like them too….thanks for being R.G.

  9. What a treat for the coffee shop Peeps.

  10. Michael Finnegan

    Happy new year to you and your family Puddles
    I really enjoy listening to you and the songs you you sing, I wish I had a voice like yours so I can sing to my wife and swoon her. I know she loves me and I can make her happy in other ways but singing to her would be the cherry on top.
    I do have one question to ask, are you going to have any shows here in Canada?
    If so where, l’m a resident in the Toronto area and it would be a great honour for you to come to the Rose theatre in Brampton.
    This venue is the perfect place for you to bring the best out of your voice, and if you agree to come here I will make sure that every show you have here would be sold out.
    Best wishes
    Michael Finnegan

  11. Ted Tronson

    I dig your range of content Puddles. My dad might be a bigger fan than me. I have been trying to get him to like John Denver’s music but he just can’t seem to get over his look. Thinking if you made a rendition of one of his songs it would change his mind…

  12. Steve Ward

    hey Mike….you know most people will never know your real name. you will always be loved as Puddles. you have created something bigger than yourself. you are pretty cool.

  13. Debi

    Have you ever done the Statler Brothers’ “Countin’ Flowers on the Wall?”

  14. Alex Golovchenko

    Puddles, could you please give us your rendition of She’s Gone by Black Sabbath. It is track 7 on Technical Ecstasy. It has a beautiful melody and powerful lyrics.
    Thank you so much for inspiring me to pick up my art again and making me feel safe to be sad sometimes. I love you Puddles. Keep up the great work. You are a genius!

  15. Dianne West

    I know you did this right. I cried. The neighbors’ dog began sobbing. I will play this again, if at three am, I find myself lonely and blue. Probably tonight.

  16. Kir

    Your knuckle tattoos are so profound.

  17. James boyd

    How about going from one side to the other…… Don’t you think this Outlaw Bit has got out of hand: Waylon Jennings smashed with AC/DC’s Whole Lotta Rosie…….. IT will be epic.

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