Helena – My Chemical Romance – EMO Nite LA 🖤🖤🖤🖤

So, after my departure from a certain television show, my friend Karri Northrop invited me to cry it out with 1,000 of LA’s finest pity partiers and Echoplex at EMO Nite LA. We were sad as f@%k. Many sadgasms. I highly recommend it. #cry #sad I 🖤🖤🖤 MCR. I wasn’t trying to create a better version of this song. I was just trying to create.



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  1. kjs

    I wasn’t familiar with this song. I loved it. Listening to you sing is wonderful, but WATCHING you sing is so much better. You’re so emotive. The totality of your talent (voice, heart, soul, creativity) cannot be beat. I’m so happy you were on AGT. That’s where so many of us discovered you. I wanted you to get to the finals but you WON never the less!

    See you at the Count Basie Theater in November (I’ll be in line for a hug). Say hi to Mike.

  2. Russ Moore

    I would really like to hear your voice singing Neil Diamond’s “Love on the Rocks”. There are so many other songs that I feel would be wonderful with you singing them, but right now, this is the only one popping in my mind. Keep blessing my ears. By the way, your back up singers in the “Royals” video are gorgeous!!

  3. One of the best and most talented voices I have ever heard. Right up there with the likes of Steve Perry, Glen Campbell, Dennis DeYoung and others I can’t quite think of at the moment. Mike Geier… You can do so much more. Thanks for the voice in the world.

  4. Monika

    Hi Puddles, I’m very impressed and I hope to hear a lot of new things from you. Can I make a wish? I would love to hear your version of the Beatles Song “Across the Universe”. Maybe some day you’ll find time to do it 🙂

    Thanks for beeing out there for us!


  5. ryan heston

    I’m a huge Puddles fan.. and this is by far the best song that has graced my ears. You don’t need that stupid tv show to know you are a God amongst men my friend.

  6. Les

    Puddles, here is a big hug!! Please do Seasons in the Sun..Thanks a million!!

  7. Helen Thomas

    Please come to England I need to be there in front of you, being part of it. I have rarely heard such a voice, and with your many extra personality traits and creativity, well what a package. I JUST LOVE THE WHOLE CREATION, when can you come? Otherwise I will have to save a lot of money to bring the whole of England to you x

  8. You are amazing Puddles! I confess that I was not a MCR fan or knew much about them until I heard this. You made me a fan! Thanks for giving us this wonderful rendition and hope you are having a wonderful Winter! Give a thought to “Love is Blindness” or “One” by U2. or maybe some Elvis Costello.

  9. Bob

    PUDDLES YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME. Simon Cowell was a complete idiot and total jerk when he bashed you Puddles on stage in the past. Simon has no talents when it comes to singing, acting or dancing. Simon reminds me of a large spot of dung oozing out and impregnating itself into a chair filled with a toxic stench of wasteful judgments. I don’t see Simon Cowell up singing, acting or dancing. Simon has no talents other than making a fortune off of judging others. Puddles you have an abundance of originality and very talented in more ways than one with a very unique and beautiful voice. Puddles you are very special and unique.

  10. Puddles, I Am from Mexico, just to be exact from Mexicali that is a city near San Diego, (not Tijuana) anyways I found your music from another angle rather than AGT… you are awesome and I will very much to attend one of your shows… I really wish that you find yourself the time to hear Emery’s-Thoughtlife I consider that song (lirycs) perfect for you.. please Do that song form me… I am letting people on my side of the border to know and share your music..

    please let me know what can I do for you from Mexico

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  12. Alva

    Puddles, I loved Helena, but what a funny ending playing with the camera’s. Made me chuckle. Thank you so much for sharing these songs.

  13. Jason Bartlett

    I really was sad when you left AGT. Please do 4 Non Blondes, “What’s Up”

    You would make that amazing song sound that much more amazing. And I think it fits you.

  14. Samantha

    ..Oh my god. This is actually one of my favorites, I listened to it a lot back in the day, and as soon as I saw that YOU had done a cover of Helena it instantly brought a smile to my face. You did such a stellar job that there’s no way I can compliment it enough!! I discovered you through AGT like a lot of others and I adore the way you spin songs, you have such a unique style. I can really tell that you put your heart, soul, and everything you have into your music. I hope that you continue to share your talent with us for a long time to come! Much love~

  15. This song just became my favorite Puddles song. I can see your emotions are poured into every one of your song. It took me 81 years to find your music 🎶 and I am very happy 😊.

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