Juice – Lizzo cover – Why not?

Our friend, Rebekah Del Rio, asked me how I would feel about doing Lizzo’s song. I said I’d give it a go. I like saying yes first. This is how it turned out. I don’t understand some of the references in it but I love me some Lizzo. Jonathan Burns helped me transcribe the lyrics. I especially like the David Copperfield lyric. And yes, that’s really my voice. I didn’t know I could do that before.


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  1. Maryam


  2. Kyle

    Hey P. You’re an artist. Artists should always take risks. Good for you, good for us. I looked up Lizzo. Ragu the clown, the lyrics. Liked that look into the camera. See u Nov. 1 at the private pity party! Cosmic Love Clown

  3. Charles Fisher

    Arizona loves you ! Tour out west please….. we are dieing to check out the show….you must ! Fans await you

  4. Kristin Markiton

    GOOD GOD!!!! SEXY Puddles?!?!? You can do it ALL, my friend!!! 🤡🎃👹🥰

  5. Kyle

    Hi Puddles: Had to tell u this. Talking to someone at my swim club, I was describing ur show from 11/1 in Newton, NJ saying his singing and humor are so funny, wonderful and healing, he gives people endless hugs, he’s so generous with his time etc. Meanwhile someone else came in and was listening and said, “This sounds so wonderful. R u talking about Church?” I explained. One more convert! The Church of Puddles is my only religion!! Cosmic Love.

  6. Nitza

    I have been obssesing with your videos for a couple of hours, creative, excellent and unexpected, many thanks for sharing!

  7. Steven Barrett

    I love to hear you sing “The Old Folks”. John Denver did a version. It was originally in French by the wonderful Jacque Brel. You’d like a lot of his stuff.

  8. Igor

    I found your videos on the Internet by accident a couple of days ago. And I’m very impressed with what you do! You are just super! Really!

  9. Kevin trotter

    I love you Puddles! It would be great if you could come to knoxville, I’ve been dying to see you. Also, could you PLEASE do ” I hope I never” by Split Enz? It’s a song I think you could really sink your teeth in to!

  10. S Dubya

    This is great! Thank you Puddo!

  11. Delton G.Peele Jr. Aka. " Amnesia "

    Aye Man , much respect …..I dig the whole thing man ..you really do got a golden voice .I just hope that underneath it all ,
    If for a moment that “you ” could step out of character and take a hard look at the big picture and mentally grasp the gravity of what you are doing .In the grand scheme of things I hope that you see it how i do……….not to say I am anything extraordinary , although you could say I am great in respect to the fact I am grateful for you , you should know how blessed you are with talent and keppin it real you could choose to do any thing you want with this life , im sure youre gig can get heavy at times .just never forget you bring so much joy to so many people .that is more than talent …thats more my friend .in this muddy watered mundane mediocrity some call life its hard to find something to soothe the pain where these so called artist’s glowin up with synths and make up ,afraid to get down. Be different, arent willing to take real risks.
    I say bravo semper gratus my friend. Very few could fit your shoes .never has this statement been more true …………more than ever “the world needs a clown !”
    Just sayin………….hope the joy you give hits you back just as good and fills youre heart .thatswhatitsallaboutman!

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