I Want To Know What Love Is – Foreigner Cover – Please Adopt

A new friend of ours (yours and mine) suggested I do this tune. I was like “I dunno”. What could I do that would make it ours (yours & mine)? Just then it came to me. All those sweet critters out there, in need of forever homes, are yearning for kindness and safety and security. They want to know what love is. And we (you & me) could provide that for them. Please adopt. Thanks for all the furry fan photos submitted by P3ers. 💜 Mick Jones wrote this song. I’m glad he did. Get this single here.


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8 Responses to I Want To Know What Love Is – Foreigner Cover – Please Adopt

  1. David Pridham

    Absolutely brilliant Mike. You are such a talent-singing-guitar and keyboards. This is a really great interpretation/version by you.

  2. i watched you on AGT last nite. You looked SOOOO nervous backstage I just wanted to hug you so much. I kneww exactly where your heart was, and I saw your reaction after that young man that went first. You looked like “I could never top that” and defeated. Yes,anyone can sing, but he had no message or heartfelt song to go along with it. People remembered you P, and every0ne still loves you sooooo much. Including me. I loved your song and I am an absolute advocate for dogs and cats who need a loving home and kindness. Anyone who loves animals as much as I do has a special place in my heart. If I could, I would have at least 3 or 4 adopted animals. Your are kind, loving, and have an enormous heart <3<3<3 Much love to you dearest Puddles/Mike xxx

  3. Kyle

    Hey P, Lovely performance on AGT. You really got them with the pictures. But honestly, it’s hard for me to listen to someone criticize you (“you have a nice voice”). NICE??!! We need to air kick that British girl off the stage. Maybe a REAL kick. Maybe two. Love ya like a rock, Babes. Cosmic Love

  4. Kyle

    Ok, the way you treat your fans is what love is. Cosmic Love Clown

  5. Doug Fuller

    Your voice, performing “I Want to Know What Love Is”, has been playing in my mind since I saw your performance on AGT. Normally, a song stuck in my head would drive me nuts, but not this time. I get it. Puddles, like many others, hides his feelings behind humor, and for this one song he opened up to the world and showed us what was behind that sad face. It was honest, beautiful and touching.
    I’m sorry the judges didn’t get it, but those of us who did will never forget your performance. Puddles deserved to move on and deserved to win. He deserves love, recognition and happiness. He is a champion.

  6. pat Sherwood

    I love this so much. I wish I could get a video of Cuddles doing this! I’d gladly pay well for it!
    I love the music but it makes a big difference in the way my heart feels when I see him!!

  7. Andy Weaver

    If I had to guess, Puddles spent some time in church as a young’un. There’s some worship in that voice….

  8. Juliet Culbertson

    Two rescue cats adopted me in September 2018. They are both 13 years old and are bonded. when I told the spca lady Inwanted to adopt, she said that Wally was going to miss Milo and I told her she misunderstood. I wanted to bring both cats home. It is difficult to find homes for senior, and also for bonded animals. I am so glad they have made my house a home

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