Holy Diver – Mellow Metal Mashup!

We love us some Dio. I’m not sure what this song is about but Melvin Keith’s footage fit so nicely onto this song. Sometimes I feel like I’m more than just one person. Is that a thing? It’s like we’re both cruising along and I’m at the controls and then all of a sudden I just let go and the other me takes over. It’s not scary or anything. Just hard to explain. Do you ever feel that way? 🤘🏼 Get this sweet single here.


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4 Responses to Holy Diver – Mellow Metal Mashup!

  1. Scott

    Request:Pat Benatar – Shadows of the Night, Hell is for Children, HeartBreaker.

  2. Scott

    Pat Benatar: Promises on the Dark, Fire and Ice.

  3. Scott

    And Pat Benatar: Promises on the Dark, Fire and Ice.

  4. Kyle

    Oh P., Babes, I think we should be asking YOU that question. But my shrink answer is that feeling like ur more than 1 person is embracing all the various facets of ur personality. My “stock day trading” self is a lot different than my “talking to the plants” gardening self. Anyway, I looked up the lyrics to this song, and I think he’s confused and running away from
    HIMSELF. But I will never run away from you (or ur other selves). See all of u in the City in June. Cosmic Love.

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