Season 2 of my Still Sequestered Show is now!

Season 2 of my STILL Sequestered Show on Veeps is in full-swing. Each show features a brand new set of songs and lots of special guests. Episode 4 premieres Sat. Sept. 26th at 5:30pm ET. No worries if you can’t join us at 5:30pm. Your ticket allows you to view the episode later, as many times as you like until Nov 1st. If you purchase a season pass, you can view all six episodes (once they premiere) until Nov 1st. Get tickets HERE!


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2 Responses to Season 2 of my Still Sequestered Show is now!

  1. Kyle

    Hey P. Ya know, for such a tall guy you move really well. I bet you can actually dance. I really liked this hectic version of Royals. I missed you seeing you live this year. It was my intent to see you every year until I died. Hoping we can all get back with you next year and I can continue my Puddles journey. Maybe even get up there again and chew gum with you. Cosmic love Babes.

  2. Todd moores

    You’re not the saddest clown.. I now own that title as I’ve never seen you live you fantastic painted phenomenal artist..

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