I’m a gonna miss ya, Perth Fringe World

I heart Fringe WorldDear Perth Fringe World!  You hit me in the eye like a big a pizza pie. I hope someday we dance again. Ciao fer now. #clownunder

Those who missed it can read all about it in this review of the PERTH Pity Party by Jasmine Seabrook-Benson for the West Australian. https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/entertainment/events/a/30699343/puddles-cries-a-river-of-laughs/



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2 Responses to I’m a gonna miss ya, Perth Fringe World

  1. Tiffany Tossman

    And we who represented … Well actually are the only members and representatives of the totally unofficial Puddles Pity Party fan club Perth are going to miss you Mr Puddles! Goodness what a night had for us three, let alone all those it here’s who came to your show. We were all so eagerly looking forward to the show and the opertunity to see as well as hopefully meet in the flesh as it were. I guess I shouldn’t say but apart from the thrill of hearing such masterful vocals and the “clowning” around antics well I was delighted to find your just so huggable!!! If there is a raison d’être behind turning normal (perhaps not so normal) adults ranging from 20’s to post octogenarians into children for the duration of your show, you have accomplished it hands down!
    Again thank you most sincerely , it’s most definitly a golden talent you have and more turning from sadness and a wad of chewing gum, to bring light, laughter, joy and happiness is truly as much a gift as your wonderful voice!
    We’ll be looking forward to catching further music vid’s on Utube and hopefully a return trip down under? Next Fringe Festival ???
    Best wishes
    Tiffany 🙂 🙂 😉

  2. David Cox

    So you’ve been to Perth! When are you coming to Sydney? I reckon I could scrape up an audience to see you.


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