Puddles and the Aussie Pie!

I love a hot pie and tomato sauce. And here #clownunder, in South Australia, ya can’t swing yer wet budgy smuggler without hitting a place that sells ’em. Just like heaven to me.

I’m singin’ and dancing’ at The Adelaide Fringe through March 13.


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9 Responses to Puddles and the Aussie Pie!

  1. Phil

    Mmmmm, hot pie! Lucky Australia. Nothing like it here up over! Go see Puddles Pity Party, Adelaide! You’ll miss him when he’s gone. Truth.

  2. Janet

    What’s in that thermos?

  3. brenda-jo

    So that’s what those red dots on your face are

  4. Renee Michelle

    Me wants to be an Aussie pie so bad right now…

  5. Chris Burnett

    Any side shows in Melbourne?

  6. Mark White

    Puddles my family enjoyed your show at the Adelaide Fringe much, you are a brilliant singer and entertainer! Please come back again for the next Adelaide Fringe!

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