“I Hope”

Here’s a little ditty I done did with this here deer.
“I Hope” was written by Robert Charles Guidry & Stanley Lewis.

Tim DeLaney twiddled the knobs


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14 Responses to “I Hope”

  1. Rich

    What an amazing voice and talent! Wow… Just wow!

  2. Puddles

    Thank you, Rich!

  3. Hank

    Man you have a great voice. I absolutely love this song!

  4. Shannon

    Atlanta native and Star Bar local now living in Jacksonville,Florida. I Hope you make it this way some time in the near future.

  5. Constantin

    A big Clown with a great voice !!

    Would you do more melodramatic Songs? (20’s 30’s)
    or even a cover frome “My baby just cares for me”?

    With friendly Greatings from Germany

  6. David

    You are an exceptional talent, Mr Puddles. The only name that comes to mind for me of a contemporary male performer who reaches the same levels of emotional depth with their voice is Rinde Eckert (check out his album ‘Do The Day Over’).

    Any plans to return to Portland, Oregon in the not too distant future?

  7. You rock. Would love to hear your interpretation of Candy Colored Clown.

    Peace and blessings.

  8. Beautiful. Love me some Puddles!

  9. Shari Zielbauer

    I took my husband and 18 yr old daughter to your Roxy show in Hollywood. They are now fans too. Great job to the Duke of Entertainment!

  10. Scott Parker

    Please, please, please add When You Rock n Roll With Me and Blvd of Broken Dreams on itunes! You’re awesome keep belting them out!

  11. I saw you in San Francisco and was just blown away. We took a picture together after the show, it was only later that night I realized you had made a fist in the pic like you were going to punch me! I LOVE THAT!!!! It makes me laugh every time I look at it.
    I’m coming to see you again and this time Im bringing my partner and my mom (Dolly who is 88) looking forward to another incredible night. Hope to get almost punched by you again.

    • Puddles

      Hello Thomas! I would never punch you. Sometimes I squeeze a fist to stretch my hands. I get hand cramps from carrying that heavy suitcase everywhere. Tell Dolly I said howdy.

  12. DandyD

    Dearest Mister Puddles,
    I JUST missed you in San Fransissyco, but shan’t do so the next time ’round. Until then, keep the pity pouring out. It is part of your Goddess-given uniqueness … along with that exquisite voice.

    Yours in agony (and occasional ecstasy [no capital E]),

  13. Greg Yeary

    Love it. You have helped me overcome my disabling fear of clowns, too.

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