★★★★★ Dekalb County GA Polling Place!


This all about the voting but I would totally get a tag or get tax here as well.

I used to think that voting was such a chore. First ya gotta do your homework. Learn up on the candidates and the referendiums.  Listen to that guy on the radio and watch the t.v.  And then, ONLY when I’m ready, I pump up my tires and lubricate my chain. Make sure my bell works properly, because pedestrians and drivers are nuts out there.  Speaking of nuts, the squirrels…don’t get me started on the squirrels. Squirrels are cute and all, but they’ll just dart right out in the lane like little bitty ding dang daredevils. And I haven’t even pedaled out of the trailer park yet!  But off I go.

I believe it’s my duty, as a citizen of this terrific country, to exercise my priviledge in affecting how my government is owned and operated. It’s so simple to me. I get outta my hammock and put the kettle on the fire. I have my coffee and head out to my usual polling place. Well, let me tell you. This time around it was incredible. As I rolled into the vast parking lot, I noticed an ample of parking spaces. Very myriad. “Where is everybody?” I wondered, as I parked my three-wheeler.  I like to park far from the front door so as to get my walking fitness in. Gotta get my steps! The venue is operated by the best crew I’ve ever experienced.  And they are helpful with directions. “Park here…turn there…the bathroom is around the corner…no running!” There were other dutiful citizens there, but it never felt crowded or anxious.  The decor was very festive, a municipal Americana vibe.  The fluorescent lights, the wood paneling, the polished linoleum.  All the ink pens had red, white or blue artificial carnation flowers taped to the end of them.  Real carnations would have been more classy, but carnations don’t really have a smell, so what would be the point.  They even give away free flair.  It’s a sticker you can proudly wear, but it’s functional, too. You can use it as a band-aid or that last piece of tape you need when wrapping a gift.  I was kinda hoping for hors d’oeuvres, but then I remembered this is America, not France. And we as the American citizenry would have to pay for that, so maybe not. I could have brought my usual brown bag lunch of roasted potato, salsa verde, vegetarian cherry pie, a pack of imported Jammy Dodgers and my trusty coffee thermal flask.  But I was only there for 12 minutes and 17 seconds. It took me longer to ride from my trailer than it took to cast my vote.  I highly recommend checking this place out for all your polling needs. I would give it anywhere from 15 to 17 stars if I could. This DeKalb County polling place gets my vote (literally).  Sadly, as it turns out, my candidate did not win this particular contest.  But I’m always proud to participate in the patriotic process, win or lose.

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8 Responses to ★★★★★ Dekalb County GA Polling Place!

  1. ingrid tanabe

    Nice piece, Puddles. Only thing I’ve read to the end about the turn of events. My solace right now is hearing you sing Cohen’s “Halleluja” at the Roxy on the 28th.

    Thanks for the respite,

    Ingrid Tanabe (Gretchen Belcher’s sister)

  2. Charles

    I must say, I completely and thoroughly respect you as an American. It’s nice to see someone who thinks our country is great and respects the electoral process. Also, you should come to Alaska! I didn’t get a chance to see you when I lived in Columbus GA and I regret that very much. I’d love to come out and support you in person.

  3. Diego M

    When are you comin to Israel?

  4. Chris McDuffie

    Nice words, I appreciate them. Together, we can make a difference. I saw you had limited dates posted. Are you looking at coming to the Auburn, AL area any time in the future? I would love to have the opportunity to see you.
    God bless,

  5. wallace nix

    when are you coming to the atlanta ga area again

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