P3 Request Hotline – I Want You To Want Me – Cheap Trick (Emotional Cover)

Here’s a new P3 Request Hotline video. I love these suggestions from all the P3ers out there in the world. You keep ’em coming and I’ll keep singing ’em. Please subscribe to my YouTube station. This song is available on iTunes.


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59 Responses to P3 Request Hotline – I Want You To Want Me – Cheap Trick (Emotional Cover)

  1. Allen { Agasuess Spartigus}

    saw you in Key West Awesome, Thinking about Atlanta Show. sing I Try by Macy Gray

  2. Peter

    Hi Puddles,

    I am not sure how I have never seen any of your work before last week but am I happy to have discovered you. I was binge watching Postmodern Jukebox when your Royals rendition came up and my jaw dropped to the floor. You hadn’t even started singing at that moment! I watched and listend with my mouth open and couldn’t stop smiling at my wife.

    I have been watching everything available that you have done and instead of losing some of the shine, as is usually the case when watching everything someone has done, the shine stayed if not got even bigger. Everything about you makes me happy, the voice, the gestures, the facial expressions, the presence, the way people react to you.

    If I ever visit the US I will make it a priority to see you live at least once, I need to see this diamond in the flesh.

    Much love from the Netherlands,


  3. Renee Michelle

    Saw you debut this one for Asbury Park last night. You redeemed this song so Brilliantly with both your voice and the vid. 30 seconds of “Hello” is such a frikken tease, man! Yer killin’ me! Your show is a wonderful roller coaster of emotion and WTF fun. I’m turning on all my friends. I am loving my “Puddles hangover” today – its a happy haunting. Bless you and yours, Mr. P. Long may you reign.

  4. ty wagner

    How about something from Joy Division? I double dog dare you.

  5. Hi Puddles,

    How about the song “Suffering” by Satchel??

    Thank you!

  6. This is spectacular. Thank you for making my world richer. If I may suggest, please try out a Tom Waits song, you would be great with literally any of them!

  7. William Root

    Please consider Proud Mary by Creedence & covered by Tina Turner. You’d kill this song!

  8. Gina

    Puddles, will you “Send in the Clowns” before “Kathy’s Clown” cheats on her causing his “Tears of Clown” from the smack down she’ll give him? Only you can stop the “Death of a Clown.”

  9. Joseph Falco

    Please do one of the saddest songs of all time “Happy Together” by the Turtles/Flo & Eddie

  10. Steve Smith

    Oh my god! This is just the most heart wrenching thing I’ve heard in a long time. Beautifully sung. May just be the best version of this I have heard. Thank you so much for this…

  11. Scott Johnston

    “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra would be so spookily awesome.

  12. John

    Its always amazing to see an artist take someone else’s huge hit, totally reinterpret it and make you look at that song in an entirely different way. Genius!

  13. john becay

    i had about given up contemporary music and performers. They were not relatable….and then along came Puddles, shambling up the aisle. Peering back from the loneliness of a sound stage, a figure of curiosity and pathos, until he begins to sing. And then every vulnerability you’ve ever felt he is laying out for the world to see. And wonder of wonders, they are his vulnerabilities as well. i want to comfort Puddles and be comforted at the same time. Mike Geier has tapped into some deep universal desire. He knows exactly what he is doing and it is filling our hearts. Please Puddles, don’t ever leave us.
    john becay

  14. brian rich

    The most obvious choice would be Whiter Shade of Pale

  15. Larry

    Wow! As a fan of Cheap Trick, I think that this is the best cover ever! I understand that six foot eight man in whiteface has a slightly different take on life than I do, but I can’t believe how well it worked.

  16. Tim

    So sorry we missed you in Easton MD last year! Four songs I would love to see you perform,

    Close to you, by the carpenters
    I’m only happy when it rains, by Garbage,
    Highway to Hell, ACDC
    Vincent Black lightning, by richard Thompson.

  17. Paul


    Please do a cover of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work.”

    I think you would tear a new emotional hole in the universe with your spin on that powerful song!

    Thanks, and keep up the amazing job you’re doing!

  18. Jeff Faulkner

    Puddles really has helped me believe in art again. I wonder what he would do with Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen or Let Down by Radiohead (my 2 favorite songs).

    Regardless I think Puddles is an amazing artist, of the highest order and he tickles the dadaist fancy like no one has done for me since David Lynch.

    I will just keep watching…

  19. Hi Puddles, I love what you do. It appears I left my request as a comment on a previous fan’s comment. So here is my request in the right place. I’d love to hear you do a song titled, Everybody Knew, With The Small Exception Of Me. I’ve heard Dean Martin do it. I’ve heard the Seldom Scene do it. I’d love to hear what you do with it!

  20. I agree with Paul; “This Woman’s Work” would be awesome. Please also consider REM’s “Everybody Hurts” and the Mark-Almond Band’s “One-Way Sunday”.

  21. david mickelson

    i would love to hear you sing Ed Sheerans – Thinking Out Loud i know it would be freaking amazing

  22. DPA

    Enough covers. Where are your songs?

  23. Richard Hudgins

    My dear Puddles,

    I can think of no one better equipped to perform a personal rendition of “Ol Man River” From “Showboat” by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein.

    Just as stated in the wiki about this song,.

    “Robeson’s concert renditions of the song shift the portrayal of Joe away from a resigned and sad character who is susceptible to the forces of his world, to one who is timelessly empowered and able to persevere through even the most trying circumstances.”

    From what I have seen of your work, you embody this perspective.

    It’s a mean old lonely world out there, therefore please carry on Sir,

  24. Jim

    Moody Blues: Painted Smile~Reflective Smile
    Quite fitting for a Clown

  25. Stan

    I don’t feel like dancing by the sissor sisters!

  26. AJ

    Puddles, you’re awesome. I must find the P3 hotline…..I’d request Used to Bad News by Boston cover.

  27. Peggy Daily

    I’m a new Puddles fan! I’d be so honored if you could cover Todd Rundgren’s There Goes My Inspiration.
    Thank you!

  28. Tracy

    How about “Blues Run the Game”, originally done by Jackson C. Frank? Ever since my wife and I heard it on the soundtrack to the TV show “This Is Us” we’ve loved it, I think with your voice you could really do a great version of it.

  29. Brilliant version!
    May i add a list? With simple backing and your voice…

    Long Long Time (Beatles-George Harrison)
    Celluloid Heroes-The Kinks
    Unchained Melody (Roy Hamilton version)
    I Believe (Frankie Laine version)
    This Man He Weeps Tonight-The Kinks

    Thanks for being on earth!

  30. Lisa

    Puddles – Please, please come to Virginia Beach Virginia! I love your work. You rock!

  31. Ann White

    I’m all lost in the supermarket, by the Jam?
    Help us find our way.

  32. Bob

    Wow, I just saw the Folsum Prison/Pinball wizard mashup.
    You are amazing.
    It instantly brought me to something that has gone through my head for years…
    The 1960s Spiderman theme done to the tune of Iron man by Black Sabbath.
    Other than that, you can do any song and it would be great.
    Keep up the outstanding work.

  33. Scott

    Wow, so many amazing suggestions. I think my favorites have gotta be the ones that are already somewhat “sad” or emotional…Moon River, Space Oddity, I Started a Joke…your performances just bring an extra layer to them.
    Personally, I would absolutely love to hear your take on “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Carousel. No matter what you do though, I’m sure it’ll be phenomenal.

  34. Job Serebrov

    Moody Blues-Nights in White Satin or Tuesday Afternoon!

  35. Kenn Darling

    You definitely need to sing and play this on your next AGT performance.

  36. Kenn Darling

    You definitely need to sing and play thr cheap trick song on your next AGT performance.

  37. David Coleman II

    Hi Puddles, I was introduced to your art by my son and I love it! The song that I’d like to hear you perform is Sister Winter by Sufjan Stevens off of his Peace : Vol. 5 album.

  38. Micheal Lucas

    Puddles, always awesome and moving to hear you sing. Just saw you in Phoenix! I come to you on bended knee to sing Foggy Dew, that song was motivator during my trips to Iraq and helped pump me and my guys up. I would be eternally grateful if you would take the time to bless us with your rendition. Thank you for all you do!


  39. eric anderson


  40. Dori Kathrine Whatley

    Puddles, I am a lil bit, lots in love with ya. There are a slew of songs in my head I would love to hear by you although Florence and The Machine comes to mind first and would love to hear Dog Days Are Over. I am a 77′ baby and many of mind are going to be stoic older songs or hilarious 80’s songs that I was raised on. I would also LOVE to hear you sing Send In the Clowns. <3 <3 <3

    • Dori Kathrine Whatley

      Also, Everybody Knows by Concrete Blondes 1990. I will have to think on a list to make which is a bit zealous of me but I think you may be heart warmed by some of my pics. <3

  41. Dori Kathrine Whatley

    Rage Against the Machine Renegades of Funk? I need to put more thought into it but there are so many powerful lyrics and can be revised so many different ways. Multifaceted in that regard.

  42. Dori Kathrine Whatley

    Dead Can Dance~ The Carnival Is Over
    I wanna be on your finding song crew soooo bad. Will work for music.

  43. Dori Kathrine Whatley

    https://youtu.be/dtBr5JKSuks Heaven or Las Vegas !!!!!!!!!!~Cocteau Twins <3
    https://youtu.be/3diz8I0AVVk Lorelei by Cocteau twins
    https://youtu.be/HFWKJ2FUiAQ Song to the Siren by Cocteau Twins
    https://youtu.be/WybSSagVvoU?t=30 Cherry Colored Funk by Cocteau Twins

  44. Dori Kathrine Whatley

    https://youtu.be/cGusP7aCCYc?t=27 Everyday People by Arrested Development
    https://youtu.be/FJEzEDMqXQQ De La Soul …Me Myself and I
    https://youtu.be/wyDjRd0Tjss Mr. Wendel by Arrested Development
    https://youtu.be/6VCdJyOAQYM Tennessee Arrested Development
    https://www.vevo.com/watch/digable-planets/rebirth-of-slick-(cool-like-dat)/USCA30500066 by Digeable PLanets

  45. Dori Kathrine Whatley

    https://youtu.be/5mpy_L-p398?t=35 Black Sabbath..Fairies Wear Boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES. I gotta quit posting or do it privately from now on. Goin’ a lil crazy with it.

  46. Dori Kathrine Whatley

    Black Sabbath..Fairies Wear Boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES. I gotta quit posting or do it privately from now on. Goin’ a lil crazy with it.

  47. j cupp

    heard Mad World – Vintage Vaudeville – Style Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party & Haley Reinhart and it was amazing.

    would love to hear a shmoosh up with you guys starting with ‘don’t give up’-peter Gabriel and kate bush then ‘this war is over’ Melissa etheridge.

  48. Adam

    Hi puddles, my wife and I dig your covers! So much heartfelt emotion in everything you do! Would love it if you could cover Ordinary World by Duran Duran. I think it would make an amazing cover and fit perfectly with your style!

  49. Tye

    Great stuff, finally subscribed to your YT channel. Love your creative covers, your mash-ups, and your more faithful covers – you always find a way to make things your own and still pay homage to the original. Classy

    No doubt you’re inundated with requests, but in case you’re looking for more:
    Scorpions – Born To Touch Your Feeling
    Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – 16th Century Greensleeves
    Uriah Heep – Sunrise (or anything that hits you of course)
    Jethro Tull – anything at all!

    Regardless keep up the great work and thanks for what you do! Best of holidays, too!

  50. Dany

    River, Joni Mitchell. Please?

  51. Don’t, This Way · 77s Probably the saddest song have ever heard, a man singing to his wife after she has died, presumably of cancer or something.


    – “Easy to be Hard” (from “Hair”)
    – “Still … You Turn Me On” (ELP)

  53. Ivan Gotasecret

    There’s a tear in my beer – hank williams
    Ballad of lucy jordan – Shel silverstein

  54. James Bertolino

    Housewives complaint and Cigarettes and Whiskey and wild wild women-challenge

  55. Kelly Boggs

    I find your style to be genius .
    You’re good for my tear ducks .
    I love a song performed in a way the moves me to tear up . Whatever you may decide to morph into I hope you great success however I know that you already are . Ps I’m not a follower of people and I’m not trying to kiss your butt . I genuinely like your style amongst others . Thank you 😊

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