Life On Mars – David Bowie cover

The P³ Request Hotline was ringing off the hook for David Bowie’s ‘Life On Mars’ so we took a swing at this classic. My pals Rich, Andrew, Tim, Big Mike and Shannon really brought the goods on this one. Please subscribe and comment.


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20 Responses to Life On Mars – David Bowie cover

  1. Carol Fugmann

    I can’t get enough!
    I would love to see you do ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’ by EJ?

  2. ilse barron

    wow…just wow

  3. Puddles I can’t look away. You are a genius….

  4. dehalley

    When I hear the range of your voice, I am reminded of Roy Orbison. Same thing when I see your flair for the dramatic. Those, along with your sad clown personna, make it seem like a natural that you’d do a direct cover of his “Crying”. The way it starts out subdued, then builds and builds to the end, fits you perfectly.

  5. Charlie

    Nailed it!

  6. Matt Brady

    This song always hits me, and this rendition is one of the best I’ve ever heard or seen. I think the sad clown is the perfect symbol of our world today. With everything going on, it’s hard to find a way to step back and laugh, or cry, and still feel okay enough to press on. Your music is profoundly touching and I think that the character you’ve created forces us to really hear the lyrics and the messages behind them. I don’t really know how else to say it, but you’ve given new life to some of the songs that have helped me through my hardest times. I really appreciate your art and style. I wish you nothing but the best.

  7. Grahm Eberhardt

    My whole family just adores you. We’d love to hear your take on anything from Hamilton!

  8. Ricardo Romero

    He´s just great

  9. Anna Davis

    My favorite so far!! Love your voice. Maybe P3 can switch one day for a holiday and be Puddles Pretty Party or something and sing something beautiful and open up that voice! <3 But for now I am happy with this song!

  10. I love his voice, he can sing anything, I would like him to sing, “Grand Tour” by George Jones, anr “You are my lady” by Freddie Jackson. PLEASE GET HIM TO Michigan, WE HAVE TWO BIG CASINOS. ONE IN BATTLE CREEK AND ONE IN MT PLEASANT “THE SOARING EAGLE”

  11. Melissa

    God I love you!!! Youre an amazing singer!!!

  12. Karen

    Beautiful performance. There are a lot of wonderful acts you’re competing with on AGT. But I hope you at least make it to the finals! I’ve never liked clowns, but I agree with Simon… I love the sad clown character that you’ve created. You came up as the #1 search on yahoo this morning. So I know I’m not the only one! BTW, I wonder how you would sound singing a sad Tom Waits song. Some of his songs are sad and have an old timey circus thing going on.

    • Reta Taylor

      Karen, he’s already done Waits, but he can always do some more of them, us piggies of Puddles will never get our fill, will we?? Not I said the fly!!!!

  13. Diane Hartonavich

    I fell in love with you from the first time I saw you on AGT. Your voice is amazing and I love your humorous clown character. You would be a perfect act for Las Vegas. I think you should sing one of David Bowie’s songs on AGT. I will be voting for you to win the whole thing.

  14. Reta Taylor

    My dear perfect big guy, please please please do some more Leonard Cohen! Wow, if he were still with us it would besooooo awesome to hear you guys do a duet a-la the Elton John duets! What a combo you’d be with Cohen! How’s bout Suzanne; So Long Marianne; Everybody Knows; First We Take Manhatten; I’m Your Man; Take This Waltz; You Want It Darker; Sisters of Mercy; Who By Fire; Ain’t No Cure for Love; along with some more Bowie

  15. matthew gantz

    Your performance is brilliant. I have taught musical theatre in atlanta for twenty years and have shown your work to many of my students. I can’t wait to see you live at Center Stage this December. Thank You thank you Thank you.

  16. Barbara Pendergrass

    Puddles you’ve finally gotten me to sit through AGT. 1st time in years just to catch you!
    Please I want to hear you sing “Painted Smile” by the Moody Blues. And who cares what Simone says. Looked it up in the dictionary and the name doesn’t come anywhere close to God. Beautiful Voice….keep on keepin’ on

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  18. Merkelerk

    You are incredible.
    A very few times in one’s life an awe-inspiring artist grabs your attention and thrills.
    This is one of those times.
    Thanks for this.

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