Rainbow Connection with my new pal Toby Huss!

As you may or may not know, I found an awesome secret coffee shop. It is run by the the nicest folks. I’ll go in there and check my emails and Facebook and the Twitters. Some people request songs. I learn ’em real quick and make a videos. Well, my friend Toby Huss happened to come by this day and we sang a song. I call them  Coffee Shop Covers.


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15 Responses to Rainbow Connection with my new pal Toby Huss!

  1. Karen Djernaes

    Little Coffee House. Listening makes me feel like I am there with you enjoying the quest for a Rainbow. Puddles, you are the Gold and the Rainbow. Thank you for making us Good Sad!

  2. johnny blanton

    WOW. Another slice of heaven from Puddles. Thanks.

  3. HildaRB

    This was as sweet as the first time I heard dear Kermit sing it many, many, years ago. You both captured the essence of the song and gave it back to us. We needed this so much right now. Thank you.

  4. Linda Hazzard

    Rainbow Connection is my all time favourite song. Sounded beautiful from you 🙂

  5. eve

    perfect…thank you

  6. Oh, my heart…the dreamers…and me.

  7. Michele

    Puddles I love hearing you sing this song! It brought me back to my childhood (almost 41) and brightened my day! You are amazing!

  8. Such a wonderful voice…..will you ever perform without as yourself and not as Puddles?

  9. I see I needed to edit myself…without the clown makeup…as your self….

  10. Linda & Bob Warder

    Hope you get close enough to us in the NW too be able to hug and sing along with you!!!!!

  11. Puccio

    You alwyas hypnotize me… 🙂

  12. LadyB

    Love this song (it and James Taylor’s ‘Shower the People’ and Randy Bachman’s ‘Our Leaves are Green Again’ are the music I want for my funeral/memorial).
    Love Puddles — who I met from America’s Got Talent and now follow like a lovesick puppy with a slightly warped worldview.
    The combination of the song and the singer is wonderful. Thanks!

  13. jennifer marie gott

    i just love ya!!!!

  14. jo Richardson

    Puddles, I have always loved this song. You and Toby sing so well together that every time I play your version it makes me cry, it is so beautiful. Any chance you will sing anything else together? Much love and respect from Jo in West Sussex, England [UK] xx

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