Friday night and the lights are low at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas!

Brought this gem back into my set for my residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas where every night is Friday night!


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    Personagem fantástico, voz incrível, atuação perfeita. Foi fácil me identificar com um palhaço de coração partido. Sucesso pra ti!

  2. Lachlan K.

    Apicem a entertainment! An incredible show at Cleopatra’s Barge, and more evidence of the talent of Puddles! Thank you so very much to Puddles and his whole support team for making this show possible. A great evening of entertainment, and being able to see this show in Las Vegas makes it all the better!

  3. Hans Clugston

    Great performance. Many thanks.

  4. Kyle Koeller

    Hey P. Looks like you’ll be a regular in Vegas. Love Vegas. Even more with Puddles there. Hope nobody vomits on you if ur doing free cuddles. Cosmic Love Baby, Kyle

  5. Cory Hanley


    I used to run a music magazine that made Rolling stone and wanted to see if I could cover this event in Ponte Vedra tomorrow night as part of a freelance project. The magainze was called Pig Publications and it won top five music websites of that year.

    Thank you.

  6. Renee Michelle

    That voice… *swoons *dies a little.
    Would you make a vid where you sing Can’t Help Falling In Love to a kitten?
    I would just… *can’t


    Any chance of seeing you here in the UK?

  8. Nick Prescott

    Anyone know what time the pre-show meet & greet starts for the April Cleopatra Barge dates?

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