Attention All Coffee Lovers!

photo by Emily Butler Photography

The Puddles Pity Party blend by Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters is now available for purchase!

Click here to order.


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2 Responses to Attention All Coffee Lovers!

  1. Sam Adams

    Coffee done right
    Leaves you high as a kite
    Nice mix maestro
    As we can’t make the bistro
    Made the breakfast scene
    With these coffee beans…

    Puddles Pity Party blend!

  2. David Hoffman

    Sam Adams tells it straight
    Left nothing to debate
    Grab a cup of Puddle’s blend
    It’s caffeine that won’t offend
    Pithy poems that are quick
    Can easily do the trick
    Why waste all those words
    Fancy prose is for the birds

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