Toxic – Britney Spears cover – SUGAR! SUGAR! SUGAR!

Oh hello. I’ve managed to overcome several bad habits in my life, but saying “NO” to sugar has been one of my biggest challenges. They say everything in moderation. But sugar is a doozy. What’s your secret for quitting a bad habit?
Tim DeLaney played all the instruments, arranged, composed and engineered this. ​ Directed by Falcon. Cardboard Cello by Kate Breakey. I did my own stunts.
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by | April 7, 2021 · 5:41 pm

11 Responses to Toxic – Britney Spears cover – SUGAR! SUGAR! SUGAR!

  1. Kyle

    Hi P: My secret to quitting a bad habit is to KEEP TRYING. Like that song “Don’t Give Up”.
    I’m nothing if not persistent. That’s why I know one day I’ll be back on that stage with you throwing sugar at each other (or maybe snorting it) and grossing people out with that disgusting gum (such fun)!
    Cosmic love, Kyle

  2. Kate Breakey

    Im beyond thrilled you played my cardboard cello. It has a lovely tone and you really make those drawn on strings sing.

  3. Gacce Ber

    You’re the best thing since popcorn at the movies! You wrap pathos in a thin veneer of comedic relief and your audience falls into spellbound wonder. You’re addictive (like sugar). Hours…days later, your songs – and that VOICE! – still haunt

  4. Kyle

    Hey P: I just had my second vaccination (very happy) and with all this talk about vaccination passports I find I’m more concerned about getting my Puddles hug than getting on an airplane. Will there be future Puddles Cuddles? I hope so. It’s so generous of you and so heartwarming for us! Cosmic love, Kyle

  5. Brian Talley

    🎶Ahh sugar
    Oh honey honey 🎶

  6. Brian Talley

    Hi there Mr P! Looking forward to “real” time with everyone else. Maybe a cuppa coffee sometime after the move… hope to see ya soon.

  7. I’m addicted to sugar as well your convultions are fantastic, sugar really does that to me but not that extreme!
    your too awesome! xxoo

  8. Geo

    Quitting habitual behavior helps makes pumping oxygen consistent till you get really old.


    Quit sugar, coffee, and smoking (43 years) cold turkey.

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