Our Misery Loves Company Tour resumes next week with 5 dates in the northeast and 9 dates throughout the midwest and Texas. Come commiserate with us. The more, the merrier? Tickets available now on my DATES page.


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25 Responses to PIFF & PUDDLES FALL TOUR!

  1. John Nolen

    Love piff and Puddles will you have your down south to Jacksonille Florida?

  2. Kyle Koeller

    Hi P!

    Saw you and Piff in Redbank last night. You sound great. Thanks for coming out early and sitting for a while so we could get some good close-up pictures. I was also happy to see u bring a couple people on stage to clown with. But I also get that u have to be careful about the virus. You and Piff work well together. Take care of yourself and see u next year.

    Cosmic Love, Kyle

  3. Texas dates but not New Orleans?!?!?! We in da Big Easy love Misery too! Fix dat!!

  4. Janice Medor


  5. Todd Minnich

    Come to the Pacific Northwest! Portland, Seattle…. Olympia?

  6. Kyle

    Hey P:

    I bought a T-shirt at the show in Redbank and it just dawned on me that the image is taken from Chandelier on AGT. Am I right? So on fire that night!!!

    Cosmic Love Babes

  7. Kim

    We needs some tours in Western Canada. It gets friggin cold in the winter and we need some laughs..



  8. E Charles Douglas

    Mr puddles and I say that with great respect I recognize your immense talent your deep voice and range is impressive however some of your videos you can tell you are feeling it and some others you’re just doing because people ask you to and that’s fine but if you want to be better than fine you’ve got to put that same emotionality into all your songs do less songs find ones that you love to do and put that emotionality into it as David Bowie said being a rocker isn’t any kind of job essentially when you’re on stage you’re acting I’m paraphrasing but he was right.

  9. Edward Douglas

    Oh and I love the new shirt however you don’t have it in a women’s v neck please fix this and I will buy a shirt for my sweetie.

    • Puddles

      Oh hello, Ed. We now have a ladies v-neck version in the online Souvenir Shop. And from Nov 25-Dec 4, the entire shop is 20% off. Happy Holidays to you and your sweetie!

  10. I am the big fellow that sat two seats down from Hagrid in the front row of fixed seats last night in Cincinnati, next to my daughter with blue hair. You made me cry like four times, man. Good job. Can’t wait till the next time.

  11. J. Bellefleur

    I don’t see Detroit Michigan on that list. Hmmm

  12. Amy

    Please come to Maryland!!

  13. Chennie Holmén


  14. Melissa C.

    Hi! My boyfriend showed your video’s and you are Amazing!
    We live in Florida close to West Palm Beach.
    Will you be coming to Florida any time soon?
    We will travel wherever you are having a show in Florida!

  15. JK

    What no Pittsburgh?

  16. Elizabeth Visciano

    Please come back to Buffalo, N.Y. Puddles! We had so much fun the last time you sang for us.

  17. Bernadette

    Hi! My Coworker showed your video’s and you are Amazing! Love your voice. Please come to Denver CO!!

  18. MJC

    Please come to Richmond Va

  19. Lorena Bejarano

    Please come to San Diego!! I can´t wait to see you!!

  20. Blake Matthews

    Puddles! Get yo rear end to Chicago!!! Lets GOOOOOOOOOOOO

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