I’m Hitting The Road!!

Oh hello. I’m heading out on the old lonesome road soon. I sure do hope you can make it to show. I’m trying to get to as many places as I can. I look forward to seeing you. Show and ticket info can be found here.


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  1. Kirk

    I see you’re in Ogden UT Friday Oct 20, then you’re in Spokane WA Tuesday Oct 24. That means you’re traveling north through Idaho Falls ID, less than three hours north of Ogden, which has many facilities for you to perform at, from the Colonial Theater (998 seats, concessions including alcohol if you wish) to the Civic Center for Performing Arts (1,800 seats) to the Mountain Home Hero Arena (6,000 seats). All three venues are available that Saturday Oct 21. I’m not a promoter and not affiliated with the venues, just a big fan of yours and want to see you perform. If not this time, please consider Idaho Falls on your next tour . Thank you.

  2. Kimberly

    Come to Phoenix, please?!!

  3. Jennifer

    Sure look forward to a Texas venue.

  4. Robin

    Please come to the Raleigh, NC area sometime, Puddles!

  5. Indianapolis, Louisville, or Cincinnati are the closest for me. Would love to see a live performance.

  6. David Darvin

    Austin, Texas PLEASE! I see you were here in 11/22, but I MISSED IT! I can only watch YouTube videos so many hundred times.

  7. Snarks

    Puddles, I will be seeing you in Asbury Park in a couple of months. Any chance for a Bruce song?!

  8. Kyle

    Hi P; We saw you in May so, sadly, we’ll miss you in November. But we recently saw Queen and I was wondering if you might apply your vocal genius to “Who Wants to Live Forever”. It’s such a sad, beautiful song. And if you’ve had a near death experience like I have, it gets very weighty. Cosmic love babes, Kyle

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