Get Down With Puddles The Clown!

Sharon Van Etten wrote this song. Falcon asked me to take a swing with it. I asked Tim and he called Rich. We came up with this incredible arrangement together. Van, Matt and Jorge turned it into some kind of Prince meets Wizard Of Oz sonic waterfall. I shot the video with live vocals and here ya go. Definitely going in the live show. My co-star “Whut-Thuhs”, created by artist Nik Newton, are currently up for adoption at


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  1. Kyle

    Hey P: Your treatment of this song (those high notes) made a boring song much more interesting. Better than the songwriter’s version. You can be surprising at times. Also called TALENT. I’m bummed we won’t see you until next year. I hate to wait….Cosmic love babes

  2. Mark Potter

    Hey ya’all in the Puddles Universe. Just saw Puddles at the Genesee Theater in Waukegan, IL on 1-19-24. Great show. My wife daughter and daughter’s boyfriend attended. We all had a great time. Second time my wife and I saw Puddles. The other time was at the City Winery in Chicago, IL in 2023. Puddles brought me on stage at that show to sing “All by Myself” Karaoke style. This was a great thrill for me, massive enjoyment. Thank you Puddles.
    I noticed during the last show that Puddles conveyed a message of hope, joy and optimism. I enjoyed the song “Come on up to the House”. A feeling of peace and serenity came over me listening to that song.
    I am writing this comment to say thank you to Puddles Pity Party and his posse for bringing great joy to people with his art and performances. Thank you Puddles for sending and providing love and optimism to us in the audience. Have a great show. With love and admiration. Mark.
    PS: I like Kevin Costner too.

  3. Jay Lester

    Dear Puddles. I have Lost a Dear Friend of 30 Years. You Bring a lot of joy to Peoples Hearts and only if you Take someone away for just a Few Minutes You got them out of there Pain. I hope some Day you come to Oklahoma I will have to check your schedule. Thanks for Being Puddles Thanks for Helping so Many Jay.

  4. Kyle

    Hey P; I liked the Pink Floyd cover. I’m not as familiar with their music as much as my husband is. And I have to credit u for tuning me into a lot of music from groups that I really didn’t pay attention to or only knew their biggest hits. Your versatility is quite remarkable. Thank you for that. I’ve been with u since AGT, and I can only think of 2 songs in all this time when I didn’t like your version. Take care of yourself…..Cosmic Love Babes, Kyle

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