Vote The Pity Party!

Vote The Pity Party

It’s President’s Day! All the campaigning  gettin’ ya down? Just vote the Pity Party!

T-shirts, buttons and stickers aplenty at

My pal Gretchen Belcher created this spirited design.


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8 Responses to Vote The Pity Party!

  1. Brock Beasley

    Puddles should be the king of America. He would truly never speak a lie.

    • Puddles

      America??? Slow down there Brock. I’m just running for the President of the Pie Eaters Union local 360. I never lie about pie.

  2. Mark

    “if you’re going to put a clown in the White House, make it the clown with a crown.”

  3. Elizabeth

    I found my candidate…the panel its already hit a Sorry ass Clown, might as well have an s awesome clown running,


  4. Carla

    Dear Puddles,
    It’s December 7, 2018 and I vote for you now more than ever, and ever was a LOT already.
    I’m leaving you this little shout out here because T & IG can be scary and loud places, much less super-terrifying FB…at least to a shy increasingly anxious introvert like little ol’ me. So. I’m at the gym and feelin’ good on a natural high from listening to my P3 playlist for over an hour. The thing is, that’s not just an aside; it’s the point. I’ve always had my attitude struggles, but as time goes on I’m internally floundering more often and having more days where just getting through the hour seem insurmountable. Your music, when I have the time and privacy to enjoy it, lifts my mood and that’s more and more a fucking miracle, for realz. Tonight I found myself literally thinking, “wow, I’m glad I lived another day to listen to this guy again.” And, yeah, that’s a big deal.
    There are many ways to convey gratitude to you, and it’s most important that you’re aware of the collective thanks from all your fans, of course; I’m no one special. You may never see this, but I like sending it out into the webiverse anyway. Anyway. Thanks, P.
    And that is why you’ve got my vote, and you always will. Rock on, you crazy amazing clown.
    “shrinky dink” Carla

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