Aussie P3ers are generous so talented!

thankMaureenBrodieLast night, after my singin’ and dancin’ at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, I was presented with a gift that just floored me. A box filled with Aussie treats and home made peach preserves and peach pie! I LOVE PIE! Maureen and Brodie are the nicest folks. So generous and bursting with creative energy. I love y’all. I’m digging in.


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  1. Come to Kalama WA and I will give you a Nana pie—mmmmmm……

  2. Steve

    I wish you could come to columbus,Ohio. So me and my wife could come see you. We seen all your video,s and the one you did with Casey Abrams (Smells like Teen Spirit) , had us laughing our buts off. Plus it was so good you are amazing you sing so good
    We loved it.

  3. Kim A. Flynn

    And we can’t wait to see you in Columbus next month.. here’s the deal…my mom and dad ( 82 and 81) are going with us. They adore you and swoon to your voice. If you happen to come through the audience might you give them a wink? They will be sitting in
    ORCH-R ROW R SEATS 2 and 4 . They would love the moment….mom is short with short brown hair, dad is tall with beautiful white hair. Sharron and Dave. Married 62 years… love what you do….Kim and Tracy

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