Puddles Pet Play Date in Adelaide SA

I had such a glorious time with these fine furry friends at Paws & Claws 
Adoptions. Don’t Shop. Adopt. My pals George K and Kerry M took all the pictures. Thanks to Miriam Schiller and Dr. Neil! The song is by The Angels.


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14 Responses to Puddles Pet Play Date in Adelaide SA

  1. Donald

    You made me cry Puddles.
    Well done.

  2. Renee Michelle

    Awwww! Thanks, Puddley-Poo!

  3. Phil Shaw

    Puddles Pity Party’s love ain’t just for folks, y’all! P3 loves the critters too and so should you. Adopt a pal for life.

  4. I love you , your heart is as big as your voice.

  5. Mr Puddles, I have been a big fan of yours since I saw you sing Creep on the Scott Bradlee site. You made me like that Royals song. I already love Mad World, but I reckon it needs something more. About a month ago I spent all night drawing you to post on your Friday art spot, but then I realised that the image I used from the internet was the very same one in the ad for your show. I hate using the same image as the advertising! I thought that mournful shot I chose was relatively obscure! Darn it. Anyway, I am ACHING to come to your show. Would you do Creep? Would you consent to me painting you live while you do it? I’m a Fringe Performer myself (See sophiedowneyartist and/or pages 81 and 132 of the Guide, under Pants Downey). As I said to my throng of Facebook Friends (not as many as yours, honey)… well, maybe you should read that for yourself. I am coming to the Garden of Unearthlies tonight, armed with my saxophone and my paints. Not sure about my dignity. But if you’re up for it, give me a tingle. 0437796901. If you hear a saxophone doing Cry Me A River, you’ll know it’s a friend. And remember, when my inner creative asks what the hell etc, “I Don’t Belong Here.. “

  6. Ric

    great video…..when are you coming to Greensboro, NC?

  7. Tim Molchany

    So on top of everything else you’re an animal lover…you’re the man Puddles.

    See you in Bethlehem next month…I’m the tall guy

  8. Don Salvadori

    What a great song to go with the cause. Love your version of it.!!!

  9. Beautiful version of the song! Glad you are an animal freak as well. Made me tear up a bit. Thank you for the video sir!

  10. Sharon

    Thank you Puddles for your rendition of this iconic Australian song by the legendary Angels. You did us and them proud! Beautiful cover. When are you coming to Australia again? and is it possible to come to Brisbane or the Gold Coast? 🙁 Had I been aware you were in Adelaide I would have travelled there to see you. I love your voice and your style. So unique, so rich a voice.

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