“It Hurts To Be Alone” is now available on iTunes


“It Hurts To Be Alone” was written by Bob Marley and Junior Braithwaite. Emily Butler captured this photo.


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14 Responses to “It Hurts To Be Alone” is now available on iTunes

  1. Sweetie

    That Emily Butler really knows how to capture a moment! 🙂 #emilybutlerphotography

  2. Request: Imagine….by John Lennon.

  3. Anne Williams

    Request: ‘I’ve Been To Paradise, but, I’ve Never Been To Me.’ Hey, Ladies. Please Ladies…I’m Alone Today.

    Come cry with me in Kansas City!

  4. Anne Williams

    ‘…I’ve been exploring, subtle whoring. You see, I’ve Been To Paradise. But, I have never been to ME.’

    – Charlene

  5. Kelly

    What would it take to get you anywhere near Montana?? You are remarkably talented and I am utterly fascinated . If I never get to see you live I might cry!

    • Puddles

      Hello Kelly! Crying is very cathartic. I do it all the time. I’ll let ya know when I’m headed yer way. Keep weepin’!

  6. Kelly

    See you’re playing at KaBoo here in San Diego. I am a sad, sad fan. Physical limitations prevent me from attending such a gathering. If wishes do come true, mine would be seeing you in a smaller, seated venue. Until then, I remain sadly yours. Ms. Kelly (not Emmett or Hobo, but close) XO

    • Puddles

      Hello Kelly! I’ll let you know when I’m headed your way. Keep weepin’!

      • Kelly Mange

        Thank you, Puddles. Of all of the performers, and there are/were many, at Kaboo in Del Mar this weekend it is only you that I wanted to see. It is you who moves my heart and soul with your performance. My husband agrees and knows you are on my bucket list.
        I hope to see you soon. You will know me when you see me as I will be the blonde woman shedding tears of heart-felt joy.

  7. Will

    Wow! Saw a post of “Royals”, I’m blown away. Great voice and theatrical presents! Puddles, you are something special!

  8. James

    Hope you come to Arkansas….we love talented people.

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