★★★★★7-Eleven 1400 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago


Holy roller! This place is the best. They have it all. Great products. Great service. Their attention to detail is incredible. I go to lots of convenience stores worldwide and this one wins the prize. It goes way beyond “what’s on the rollers”. I like brekkie cereal. They have it. I like AAA batteries. Yep, they have it. Shoelaces, ice cream novelties and the GUM! Don’t even get me started. I would go out of my way to come here for a quick bite or sundries any time I’m in town. Keep up the good work. I love ‘the Sev”.

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13 Responses to ★★★★★7-Eleven 1400 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago

  1. Mickey Post

    Sounds like that 7-11 made a sad clown SMILE!

  2. Jeff Watson

    Puddles, are you ok. Way too much happiness and positivity. You need to relax. Did you buy yourself a Snickers or Slim Jim to get centered?

  3. Cathy Chapman

    Fabulous! Wonderful to see a positive review in this crazy, crazy world!! Woo Hoo!!!

  4. Shawnerz98

    7-11’s are fairly common (and high priced). Curious to know what this one did to score so high on the Piddle scale. Maybe you can tell me later this month when you come to Maryland. 🙂


    Hah! 🙂 Does it appear that the cashier is wearing a mask?..lol..until I looked at the larger photo… Come to Texas and shop a Valero Corner Store!! XoxO

  6. Ben

    Puddles Thank you for an awesome night last Friday, I never i could sing until I started listening to you!

  7. dawn

    Please be careful out there, dearheart; I worry for you. Some recent clown activities, not usually condoned by other clowns in general, may make things more dangerous for a troubadour in greasepaint…

  8. Julie

    Puddles needs to come to Texas and go to Buc-ee’s

  9. They have coffee and pie. That is all one needs in life.

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