Reflections of My Life – The Marmalade cover feat. Puddles & Nicole Atkins


This summer, before I left for Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Nicole Atkins fueled up her Vanna White and drove down from NashVegas to do some goofing off in the studio with me. We didn’t know what we were going to do until it was did. We recorded this The Marmalade ditty with Tim DeLaney and James Abercrombie. Just a few friends playing around with guitars and mics and harmonicas. “Reflections of My Life” was a 1969/1970 hit single for the Scottish band, The Marmalade. It was written by their lead guitarist Junior Campbell, and singer Dean Ford. And I love it.

Nicole has a new album coming out. Check her website for details.

James Abercrombie is the MAN behind the camera.
Tim DeLaney is the mic placer & mix master.



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5 Responses to Reflections of My Life – The Marmalade cover feat. Puddles & Nicole Atkins

  1. carla

    i love it, too.

  2. Jason

    I love this .. The “I dont want to die” reaction was priceless.

  3. Brian Hoppe

    That was great!! I want more!!

  4. Steve Farrell

    Decided to look up Nicole and her work and was blown away. You kick ass Puddles. Her Letterman performance just killed it. Dave was blown away too. You two nailed this song. Maybe perform together sometime live?

  5. Noticed the sign in the background, >Jesus is Kingsized<! Guess the harmonica player put that up! And a helluva harmonica player he is!…

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