Friday Feels! Los Lobos cover Estoy Sentado Aqui

Friday Feels time, y’all! “Estoy Sentado Aqui” was penned by Cesar Rosas and recorded by Los Lobos. It was also performed by Cheech Marin in the Kevin Costner classic Tin Cup. My grito could use some work.


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  1. Chris

    Very nice rendition, keep up the good, no great, work!

    A few suggestions for the future:
    Solo: Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman
    Duo: Team up with Haley Reinhart again and perform “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel

  2. David Draper

    Although I am a huge Los Lobos fan, I was not familiar with this beautiful song until hearing this version today. Your Spanish is impeccable, and I don’t need to speak it to understand the language of this emotion. Such an incredible performance!

    I’ve only just found out about you and your work yesterday, and have spent much of this morning listening/watching your videos. If your touring brings you to Houston I will be there for sure! Thank you for the joy of your music. I just picked up my guitar to learn to play Day After Day after watching your version– I could never sing it as well as you do but it’ll be a good one to add to my crowd-pleaser list!

    And as my first request for you to cover (and I am sure it won’t be my last), could you pretty please perform Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” in your inimitable style?

    Thank you again, Dave

  3. Maria Villalobos

    Puddles, gracias por cantar la cancion “Estoy Sentado Aqui!” escrita por Cesar Rojas de Los Lobos. Tu grito es perfecto! Tu conoces mi hijo David. El va a todos tus concertos en Milwaukee. Gracias por hacer el mundo mas mejor y mas feliz.

  4. ryan heston

    Any plans to sing in the midwest? A lot of Michigan fans!

  5. Rick

    I too just heard of you just yesterday. I am one of those who are not generally fond of clowns, but you sir, are killing it! Bravo! I’m finding myself more and more intrigued with your videos. Simply…brilliant!!!

    Rick S.
    Miami, FL

  6. Chris Brown

    Puddles, come to DC!! I know thousands would come out! Play Merriweather! If you opened for a hack like Buffett just once you’d get enough exposure to own the East Coast (at least!!).

    Keep doing what you’re doing, it is entertainment at its best. What a voice!! Thanks!!

  7. Tracey Nichols

    Lovin you every Sunny Sunday Mornin in Aurora, CO!

  8. Excellent! Great version!

  9. Linda Shoberg

    The emotional spin you give this song is amazing. By far, the best rendition is yours. (Sorry, Los Lobos.) Thank you for sharing your lovely gift with us. We look forward to many more incredible performances.

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