Space Oddity – David Bowie cover

Andrew, Rich, Tim and I thought about this one long and hard and decided to keep it close to David Bowie’s arrangement. I did my best. I hope ya like it. You can get this single HERE!


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11 Responses to Space Oddity – David Bowie cover

  1. Julie

    Definitely a slice of heaven!

    • Randy

      Well how does puddles exceed his performance at the AGT of the song by sia called chandiler. After watching pretty well all the videos on your website and you tube I feel it’s going to be very hard to beat the AGT act. Puddles is such a great creation from a person who has an amazing talent from Mike Geier. Puddles has a grab bag of different songs and acts to be performed, but the one that I enjoyed the most was the space oddity by David Bowie. I felt this song brought out the best of puddles voice range. You can here the wide range of puddles voice and if you actually close your eyes and just listen, you can hear Mike Geier real talent as a singer. The true voice of puddles. I really hope you read this Mikeand use this song as well as the major Tom name tag and space helmet in one of your acts on AGT. It’s so amazing to have the internet and yet I had no idea puddles exist until AGT. I would be very shock if puddles did not place in the top five of AGT finals. In saying that, I hope this experience on AGT shows that puddles is a act and it is a fun act to watch. The true musical singing gift is to go and see Mike Geier in person sing, that is a true talent. Thank Mike/Puddles.. keep on make no us still smile and laugh .. from a new fan of yours

  2. Diane

    Awesome! Love your “Rock and Roll With Me” and “Under Pressure”. How about the Bowie tune that should have been a Bond theme “Lady Grinning Soul” please.

  3. Great version Puddles! Again, i had a blast seeing you in Pasadena! You were BRILLIANT!

  4. Gives me tingles.
    Not enough Bowie covers have a cup of coffee in them!

  5. Toby

    I really liked you singing this;and i am sure David Bowie himself would of loved this;both visually and your singing ability

  6. Michael

    Great job. I do feel that an opportunity was missed by not making one small modification: “Clown Control to Major Tom”

  7. Puddles, thank you for this song. I think David Bowie would have loved it. If you ever make it to Cosmopolis, WA, We at Luna Rana Coffee House will pour you all the coffee you can drink. Cheers

  8. Tommy

    Puddles…You are my spirit animal! Please, please, please, do “Asleep” by the Smiths!

  9. Zag Dorison

    Wonderful! The best singers are actors. Please try Cyndi Lauper’s “I’m Gonna Be Strong.”

  10. Paul Lebbon

    You did him proud. Great rendition my friend.

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