Imagine/My Hero – Foo Fighters/John Lennon Shmoosh up

I love Foo Fighters and I love John Lennon. So I smooshed them together like a musical PB&J. Two great tastes that taste great together! Bon Apetit! Please Subscribe!


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22 Responses to Imagine/My Hero – Foo Fighters/John Lennon Shmoosh up

  1. Michelle

    Congrats on America’s Got Talent showing! You were awesome as always. You have to do Royals, though, at the point where it’s getting very tough. You will soar with that song. I’ll be voting for you!

  2. Mikaela McDonald

    I honestly just saw your audition for AGT and I was hoping you had more music. I was not disappointed! I love this mashup (and the other videos I’ve watched) and how bold you are with your look. Being someone who dresses somewhat eccentric I see you becoming an inspiration for those of us who are a little strange. I’m diffidently a fan. I look forward to being part of the pity party!

  3. Barbara Tuckerman


  4. How about doing Radio Heads creep?

  5. Aaron

    please cover iggy pop cry for love for AG talent show

  6. Gary

    Well done indeed!

    If you get a chance, please try Gloomy Sunday.

    There are many versions, I prefer the Paul Robeson version.

    Never Never Ever Stop.

  7. Jim

    You sir are incredible. Please let me know if you come to the Omaha, NE. area. I would love to meet you and buy you lunch at my restaurant Sinful Burger Sports Grill.

  8. Tim Gardner

    That was awesome! You just might have the greatest voice ever! I love you man! Can you do Nirvana – Smells like Teen Spirit? I like the Foo Fighterstoo. Maybe “Is someone getting the best of you?”

    See you in St. Pete hopefully! Maybe we can dance? 😉

  9. Damion Brundle

    Puddles + PMJ + Kings of Leon – Reverend. If you all could find the time, I believe you guys could work your wonderful magic and really create another masterpiece.

  10. Jessica

    Thank you.

  11. Neil B

    Well played! I hope to see you in person some day, and I have a smoosh-up to propose (one of thousands, I’m sure).

    TL;DR – Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You” crossed with Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville”.

    Long version – I first heard of you yesterday, and I saw my first YouTubes of your work an hour ago. I am so favorably impressed that I’m going to trust you with my most cherished imaginary smoosh-up, because I perceive that you truly get it.

    If I were Puddles for just one song, it would play like this. I’d set up the audience for my next cover, “I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder. Murmurs of anticipation, and the track begins. The crowd instantly hears that it’s the wrong song, Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville”, and I’m flustered. I frantically try to abort, but as they say, can’t stop the music. What to do? I sing song A to track B and make it work. Who wouldn’t applaud that?

    Has it been done? Not to my knowledge. Could anyone do it better than Puddles? I doubt it. I post it here because I failed to find the hotline. Hope it piques your interest. Thanks again…wait, I haven’t thanked you yet. Awkward. Okay, thanks for the sad performances that always bring cheer. NB

  12. Adolfo Perlita

    It’s such a great performance!

  13. Liz & Roger Coyne

    When will you be back in Atlanta? My family and I would very much like to see you perform! I live in Monroe, Walton County since 1990. We have never heard about, or seen
    you, before your performance on America’s Got Talent. Your performance was beautiful,
    amazing and very enjoyable!!! Your voice is just lovely. You are very talented and clever!!
    Again, we would love to see you in person and hear your beautiful voice. ❤️
    Thank you!! Wishing you all the best in the future.
    Waiting to receive a response.
    Liz & Roger Coyne

  14. Karen

    Been in Atlanta for years, how have I missed you at Trader Vic’s and around Avondale?

    Would love to see you perform at Dragoncon and more of local events between your jetsetting.

    Also would love to hear your take on another local act, Gnarls Barkley. I’m trying to imagine your take on CRAZY and think it could be amazing.

  15. Gail Reske

    Soooo glad you’ve come to AGT, so many of us have JUST NOW DISCOVERED YOU!!!! ESP those of us who never get out & go any where. You’re great! Love your unique unforgettable style!
    Great musician !

  16. Jimmy

    You are truly amazing what a gift of God has granted you.

  17. Joe

    Congratulations on your success, stay true to your craft & like someone once said “It’s really easy to mess up, so don’t” love & light…p.s. Beautiful rendition and my wife adores you

  18. Puddles! I loved the smooshup Especially love the part when you sing the line, “There goes my hero”

  19. Marco

    I loved!! Please you must sing The Queen!!!!!

  20. Fábio Souza

    I am truly and deeply in love with all your poetry, love and presence whitin music!!! You are a refresh on music itself.. there will be before and after you on music!!!

    Thank you so much for bring us this sensational breat taking, once in a life, heart warming, barrier transending, brand new thing!!!!

    Im Fábio Souza 33yo Talking from Sao Paulo – Brazil.

  21. You deserve all the success the entertaining biz can give you. Truly talented, voice that’s amazing and a great entertainer. Best wishes for this year and the (bright) future to come Puddles!!

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