Why Bad Moods Are Good For You: The Surprising Benefits of Sadness

I had no idea that the way I was feeling was actually normal and good for me all along. Read about it here. (Thank you Ms. Shannon.)


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4 Responses to Why Bad Moods Are Good For You: The Surprising Benefits of Sadness

  1. Gary

    One word: Johnnie Ray

  2. Charlene

    I love you puddles and I think you are a wonderful, marvelous actor ! Thanks for being there!

  3. Jan

    Something to ponder over while eating a tub of Rocky Road

  4. Jan Johnson Smith

    Greetings dear Puddles,
    I am so impressed and fascinated with your singing and your demeanor. You really have something special and compelling. There is a sweetness and innocence about your every gesture and expression. It takes a talented artist to have created this lovable sad clown. Needless to say I am a fan for life.
    “Life on Mars” is excellent but my guilty pleasure which makes me laugh is ” Kevin Costner and the ever cheesy Thunder-dome.
    One of my favorite songs is “Bittersweet Symphony”. I don’t know if you have ever considered covering it but the title alone reminds me of your music. I am an old lady
    with grandchildren and this is the first fan letter I have ever written to anyone ever.

    I hope you laugh a lot when no one is looking.

    Greema Jan

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