“Boys Don’t Cry” – The Cure cover (Bob Dylan in a coffee shop style)

Many P³ers have asked me to try a song by The Cure. “Boys Don’t Cry” just jumped in my lap. I tried a little Bob Dylan style with harmonica. I’m not very good at harmonica playing but I like to try. It ended up sounding a little like Bonnie Prince Billy. Don’t ya think? Please subscribe to my YouTube station.



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18 Responses to “Boys Don’t Cry” – The Cure cover (Bob Dylan in a coffee shop style)

  1. Oh this is perfect.
    You made my day Puddles!

  2. steve christensen

    Please please do Jackson Browne ‘Running on Empty’ and ‘Here come those tears again’
    Your voice is iconic and rare treat

  3. Nate

    Love that video. I have enjoyed your videos and love the coffee shop covers. Keep up the great work.

  4. John

    Saw you two years ago. Greatest show I have ever seen. America get ready! Puddles is taking over the world with his golden voice and warm heart!

  5. Riprock

    Excellent as all your performances are! What about something from Yes? Owner of a Lonely Heart? I’ve Seen All Good People? Love Will Find a Way?!? My favorites are Changes and Leave It… but I think the others would better serve you.

  6. Terry

    I’d like to hear a melancholy version of Kiss’ “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”

  7. Phil

    I’m digging this. Stripped down, soulful and righteous. Goodun!

  8. Gern Blantsen

    Come to Seattle, Puddles. It’s rainy, it’s dreary, and people will line up around the block to see you.

  9. Dan Dillivan

    A song suggestion. The old (really old) Gene Pitney song, “Town Without Pity”. It’s a goody, and fits right in with the Pity Party. Just a thought from a 75 year-old fan.

  10. Andrew

    Love the song and how you delivered it. It makes the world a little better knowing there’s a chance of walking into a coffee shop somewhere and there you’d be singing your heart out. X

  11. Andrew

    Your version of Boys don’t Cry is one of those rare covers that supersedes the original. It’s hard to tell if it’s pathos or piss take. Your music seems to come from everywhere from the theatrics of Space Oddity to the madness of the Pinball wizard/ Folsom Prison Blues. I am loving it. Could you cover I want to be straight by Ian Dury and the Blockheads?

  12. Andrea

    Awww, Puddles. You sure do know how to tug at these heartstrings. That was very beautiful. You made this girl cry.

  13. d!

    “Lips Like Sugar” from Echo & The Bunnymen … :o)

  14. Linda Wortham

    Puddles that was very nice wonderful voice ❤️😊

  15. Rada

    Was looking for a good cover of this song and I found a great one ! Thank you Puddles !

  16. Kir

    I was a busker for a while, and this made me ache with the memories of that.

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