Ship Song – Nick Cave cover

Your requests for a Nick Cave song, and this one in particular, were loud and proud. I’ve always been reluctant to cover his music because it sounds so perfect as it is. What could we bring to it? Tim, RL and I tried some things and we came up with this. I hope you like it.


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5 Responses to Ship Song – Nick Cave cover

  1. John Nivens

    Pure Genius!!!! Been a huge fan of yours for a few years now and you never stop amazing me.

  2. Laurie Mayhew

    I am definitely “in your world” with this performance, Puddles! Your vulnerability and honesty is very powerful here. I love your expressive and unselfconscious movements and the way you address the camera. The soft intro and gradual build to the crescendo is perfect, making this one of your best, in my opinion!

  3. Edward Bassingthwaighte

    Exquisite… thank you. The Weeping Song next please 🤡🙏🙏🙏

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  5. linda tiefenthaler

    Total Eclipse of the heart please

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