King OF The Road – Roger Miller/REM smash hit!

Holy Moly, I had a lot of requests for this one (most of them from the gifted barista Reggie). I like an iced coffee on a hot day. I also like to sing and I like to doodle. Doodlin’ away! Do you doodle?


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  1. mike brown

    File under grain

  2. gypsy single mom life.. hahaha. i’ll know I’ve made it when we have a pet and live somewhere with cell service. lol… Ya know, I’d love to hear you sing Strange Currencies and or Michelle… ha. obviously, to the last one.
    Love your voice and have loved following your journey thus far. Wishing you much success but most of all, happiness. 😉 Thanks for existing and all.

  3. My name is Michele King, from Dallas, Texas. I am 59 in years on this earth but maybe about 35 in spirit and action. Ok…..I am going to admit this to you. I am in love . I am in love with a Clown. I never thought I would ever say something like this before in my whole born days. But, nevertheless, it had to be said,,,I am in love with a Clown. Now, here’s the catch. I am in love with Puddles the Clown. He is undoubtedly changed my whole pattern of thinking. Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know. One minute I was feeling free and the whole world was my oyster and then Puddles got up on stage and he shattered my thinking rationally…or maybe it is finally that I am thinking rational. If you are ever in Dallas again, I will be totally hurt if you don’t look me up. I live on 2442 San Paula Ave. Dallas TX 75228-3158. My Phone is 214-327-7755 and 214-438-9811. I could not be more serious. Even though, I mean, the “clown” part and all, I LOVE IT. So yes I am serious.I love you, Puddles, and you can sing to me all the time and I will be your most devoted fan, I will even use a fan to cool you off when you are performing!!! I truthfully believe that you could be the most creative, talented, performer that I have ever seen. There is alot of ‘stage life’ in my family. So, I would know. Anyways, Puddles ~~~ I am completely harmless. I just want you to know that there are people out in this world that think you are the the greatest. And, well, yeah, I think I love you! 🙂 My request is ‘Starry Starry Night” by Don McLean. You really have my permission to call me anytime and I will listen….or not listen…to ALL your travel stories and you can sing to me just any time. You adoring fan, Michele Feja King ~~~ On the wings of Angels, I pray for your safe journeys wherever life leads you.

  4. Octavia Wood

    Dear Puddles, Love your voice. I would love to hear you do ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

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