Hands On The Wheel – Willie Nelson cover

This incredible song was written by Will Callery. Recorded by Willie Nelson for his Red Headed Stranger epic. I love performing and recording in nature. It’s like I’m inside of a painting. Surrounded by swirly, velvety art. I hope ya likey,


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5 Responses to Hands On The Wheel – Willie Nelson cover

  1. Mark

    I think a cover of Whiskey River would sound great with your awesome voice !

  2. Mike d

    Any chance you could do a rendition of slipknot’s vermilion pt2? I think you could slay it with your vocals and really make me feel that.

  3. Wade Williams

    My all-time favorite song since I was about eight years old. I could write my memoirs based only on this song. Thanks for the lovely treatment.

  4. Melanie

    Puddle’s version of “Hands on the Wheel” is amazing! I love ❤️ it! Excellent vocals!

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