ON THE NICKEL – Tom Waits cover

Tom Waits music is near and dear to me and this is one of my favorites. I asked Sweet Dick to join me on tack piano which clearly had been drinking. I like Rich’s duct tape bowler hat and crimson waist coat.


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  1. Patrick Currie

    I just watched your version of “On The Nickel”. Your interpretative style and the quality of your voice is nothing short of sublime. I found you for the first time on AGT and cannot imagine why it has taken the world so long to hear about you. Your theatre is pure genius, your voice sublime and your interpretations simply art. My ultimate performer was KD Lang. Now I have two equal ultimates. When do we get an album? Down here in Australia we may be unlikely to get the goods so keep us in mind if you put together one.
    Cheers mate
    Pat Currie

  2. Connie Bartlett

    Good morn Puddles,
    I’m a 65 yr old lady who doesn’t know much about the internet however, you have motivated me to learn what I can in order to vote for you on AGT. Thank you ! I listened to all (I think) of your videos and am so moved by your voice and more importantly the wonderful spirit you share with all of us – your fans. This song – On The Nickel- is just amazing. I now listen to you sing it each morning to give me a good cry and… a deep inner joy to hear such a beautiful voice!! Thank you Puddles for being you and for sharing your talent with the world. Be Blessed Puddles – love from one of your fans

  3. Trevor Allaby

    There are definitely 2 artists that I feel are sadly neglected in my music collection. Van Morrison and Tom Waits. Thanks for the reminder that I need to fix that! Beautiful as always puddles.

  4. Seth Gowans-Savage

    Tom Waits Covers are almost ALWAYS a bad idea….. except for Puddles.

  5. Ken Munroe

    To me the holy trinity of music are Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits (both brilliant lyricists) and Puddles Pity Party who brings beauty to the music with his wonderful voice. I can listen to these three artists forever and sadly missed the opportunity to see Cohen perform live. Please Tom, give your fans the chance to see you tour. As for Puddles, oh yes, I attended the Pity Party.

  6. puddles , you are a big tom waits fan , would you consider doing my fav TW’s song
    the imagery in that song is amazing you would do it justice

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