While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Beatles cover (in a coffee shop) – Puddles Pity Party

P³ers sent me a request, and I learn it and record it right there at my favorite coffee joint. No fuss. One take. Please pardon my wonky guitar playin’. This is fun, right?


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18 Responses to While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Beatles cover (in a coffee shop) – Puddles Pity Party

  1. harri

    this is a stunning and original rendition, and all WITHOUT “AUTO TUNBE” !

  2. David J

    Awesome Puddles don’t stop you are great



  4. Pablo Andres Cabezas Arriaza

    Puddles…you are my hero.
    Greetings from Chile and don´t be sad 🙂

  5. Louann Cole

    I am old and I have loved you for so long. Please sing You are My Sunshine. All verses, please. My mother sang it to me; I sang it to my children and grandchildren. I would love to hear that song with your voice. It is so refreshing to see and hear true performance art. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  6. Joseph Tessitore

    Hi Puddles,my name is Joe.I’m the guy in San Francisco who you brought on stage because I asked you to do a cover of the Prince song,”nothing compares to you”! I think you would do and amazing version,maybe even get that jukebox?band to play too!I understand if copyright laws prevent you from doing it,but again,I think it would be a big hit!anyway,I love ya and think you’re great!

  7. Lynn and Ron Reed

    “LUBS” you so much man! Have you ever thought of moseying over to Augusta, GA?
    There are plenty of loving folk here that would love a taste of you!!!
    I can get a contact for you! AGT was not ready for a sophisticated talent as you and we think they did several thinks that “un-enhanced and pushed your voice in a wierd way, you were sabotaged and AGT are going to hear from a large number of your fans, because it was rather evident what they did on PURPOSE to hurt your act. YOU were amazing, but the lighting, stage position, and music speed were all very strange!
    Thing is you got some very wide coverage, name is out there and can never take that away from you dear man.

  8. Tricia Burri

    Beautiful!! Wish you had used this song in the AGT Live show. You are Great. Best of Love, Life, Health and Happiness to you Always.

  9. daina

    love you…..sorry you lost….i was voting for you

  10. carlotta

    I love you Puddles!

  11. Michael Stursberg

    It would be great to hear you sing Mrs Robinson. Love your music!

  12. Lissy

    To me, you are so much more than a singer. When I watch you sing, the world seems to disappear and all that exists is you and your music.

  13. Dalia Real

    Please record this so I can have it on my playlist! I just get to know your work and it’s… amazing.

  14. Joseph

    How about solitaire!
    Love all your music

  15. John Doucet

    There is a version of this song on The Beatles LOVE Cirque Du Soleil CD which has the only new arrangement recorded on that album. I believe the vocal track is the original demo with all the original lyrics. The first time I heard I was moved to tears! Your version comes close to doing the same…

    Anyway this week I listened to the Hothouse Flowers first album `People` for the first time in years and when the very very sad sad song “Hallelujah Jordan” played, I wondered what the Puddles interpretation would sound like. Just an idle musing…

    Keep on singin!

  16. Carlos Frappé

    felizmente el mas triste payaso , increible. Que tenas un feliz día.

    happily the saddest clown, incredible. That you had a happy day

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