FIX YOU – Coldplay cover – EMO Robot

I often wonder. Does Robot feel sad? Does Robot get down when they can’t accomplish the thing they were designed to do? Sometimes I feel like an emotional robot, doing my best to act out my code. Is it just me? Are there robots living among us?


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  1. David J

    When are you coming to Florida Puddles????

  2. Nick Farley

    Don’t need to tell you your brilliant but I think I just did.Would love to hear more Roy Orbison.

  3. Chuck Lawhorn

    I think puddles should sing this style of music on America’s Got Talent to showcase his diversity in sound and music. Showing the world that his talent doesn’t just lay with sweet sad pillow talk but also has an inner child screaming to get out.

  4. elaine

    Loved this. Would like to see you do “Elastic Heart” by Sia, or “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye.

  5. Jerry

    I’m not sure where Puddles takes requests from. However I do know of a song made for his voice. Its called Julieanne. It’s about a girl waiting for her lover to return but instead gets eaten by a bear. Very haunting chorus line made for a big voice like Puddles.

  6. Kitty P.

    Play this song and watch the rescue video called, The Day We Saved a Humpback Whale, uploaded by Cole Harrison, but start the rescue video first because it’s a few seconds longer!

  7. michael Wood

    Need to pick more upbeat song next time on AGT. How about Peggy Lee’s “Is That All There Is”?

  8. Terri Williams

    Thank You Puddles.

  9. Jeff

    Have you considered Under The Bridge? I think you could handle it.



  11. Puddles is the 9th Wonder of the World!!!

  12. Bruce Combs

    Hey old friend, so glad the world is smiling on ya the way it should! A song did cross my mind earlier tonight. Might be a challenge but Johnny Thunders “You Can’t Wrap Your Arms Around A Memory’ could be wonderful! Meh, love ya man. B

  13. Tracy Von Hollen

    Puddles, great job as always, love the voice and facial expressions. Keep up the great work!

  14. Tom

    RE: AGT Live #1
    Puddles, you were screwed by the show. If they give an honest count on the viewer voting, you’ll be fine. There shouldn’t be any Xing on the live shows as it’s supposed to be a viewer vote, and it’s obvious that the buzzer will affect the performer’s’ mind set, plus the messed up audio doesn’t help. i think it’s a great act done really well with a lot of talent and commitment to the charecter. You got my vote.

  15. DR

    You were robbed. You were the best act on AGT!!!!!!

  16. Trevor Allaby

    This song was my favorite part of your live show. The humourous video in the back of the robots coupled with the deep emotion of the song was such a delicious mix to me that I found so very enjoyable. I was laughing out loud whilst almost in tears from the music. I can’t wait to see you again!

  17. Jay Coskie

    Take me to Church is my request….your vocals are awesome, you belong on the Broadway stage as a lead, AGT not the end all. … Don’t even want to watch that show anymore. Hmmm…. The Voice? Love love love your I Who Have Nothing……Sad clown here since your Vegas dates are booked and I’ll be out of town for the LA gig. Please add more dates in SoCal.

  18. Vince Wilkinson

    Damn, man, you’re awesome!!! AGT made a serious mistake letting you go this early. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Hope like hell someday I can meet you. Keep strong and keep killin’ it!!!!!!!

  19. Mari

    Love Love Love YOU, Puddles 😀

  20. Bill

    Long time fan, puddles… I’d love to hear your take on Dave Davies “death of a clown”… or maybe something by the doors. Keep singing…i love you!

  21. Robert Boettcher

    I’d have to say this is one of the funniest sections of his shows with all the robot videos of them falling apart or suddenly breaking. Worth seeing!!!

  22. CJ

    Transfixed. What a magical voice. I could listen to you sing all night (and I do…).
    Thank you, Puddles.

  23. You should sing “Here comes the sun” also…I’m found of your voice. Great talent. That’s what I think from a small country called France. Why don’t you come ?

  24. michiel


    This so reminded me of when i lost my one true love. It was a truly magnificant performance. Hope to see you live in the Netherlands at some point. Until then, hooked on your youtube channel!

  25. Walter

    From Chile… My respect… My Love and admiration…you are very necessary for this world…

  26. Angel Rodriguez

    Puddles you are wonderful truely touch my heart with your singing your the best would love too meet you

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